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Russian Federation


My name is Valya and from Moscow! I am doing a research work and I need your help. The work is devoted to the theme Russia in the eyes of foreign people. Please, answer these questions, if you have 5 minutes.

If you need help, you can ask me!

So, the questions:

What is your attitude to Russia?Do you like it?
Were you ever in our country and how many times?
Why did you decided to go to this particular country?
What do people say about Russia in your country?And where are you from?
What associations do you have with Russia?
What myths have you heard about Russia?

Thanks a lot!

01:57 PM Dec 04 2009 |

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I haven't been to Russia yet. I hope I can visit it in the near future. 

I think my countrymen also like your country. We don't judge the people inside a country by politics. I think Russians are just the same with us. All of us have hopes, dreams and aspirations. It maybe different from us but we may agree that all of us want to be friends with others and live peacefully.

07:56 AM Dec 09 2009 |



it is cold


11:32 PM Dec 09 2009 |


Sri Lanka



04:49 AM Dec 10 2009 |


United Arab Emirates

hi evry body  plz i hope any body help me to learn english ??  thank you..

02:26 PM Dec 11 2009 |




I like Russia and I'd love to visit it once, maybe because I have some far relatives living there, but I've never been there before. Well, the elderly and some of the youth are still angry at the Russian invasion of Hungary after WWII, but I think it doesnt make sense in the 2000s… Though, some of my Russian contacts over here in Hungary sometimes whing about what people have said them on the streets just because they have Russian accent, but there are also lots of Hungarians, (the clever, smart ones:)) who love Russians and want to study your languages (which I think has recently been gaining popularity). Ja tozhe hochu govorit po-russki:)

It's been a pleasure to answer your questions, hopefully I helped you. If you have further questions, feel free to write me.


07:21 PM Dec 11 2009 |




Do you mean vodka? I think it's only the problem of those who would have the same problem everywhere. I know I wouldn't be an alcoholist, wherever I live, but I know that I wouldn't be an antialcoholist, either. So I think it's only up to each individual. But Russians do like vodka, there is no doubt :)

07:54 PM Dec 15 2009 |




hi there..

well..the first question.

my attitude to russian federatio_i think it's a nice country in which people have a good life.

but, i have heard some bad things about this country….for instance

about the racism….obviosly im not sure, just i've heard it.

07:20 PM Dec 17 2009 |




no, i havent been there before.

well….as i told u before….people don't say anything special,

maybe it's long viewed as a very cold country x_X

and thing so long…it's notted that , in Mexico, russia isn't a name long heard.

about…the country's beauty, i'm totaly agree, this is a magical country, 'cause it's fulled up magical buldings….i have not a reason to say…i dont like it.



nice aswering ur questions….good luck

by the way….im from MEXICO 

07:26 PM Dec 17 2009 |


Saudi Arabia

wher is russia ?!

03:46 AM Dec 20 2009 |

Ali Sadeghi

Iran, Islamic Republic Of


My name is Ali , i am from Iran , my major is civil engineering  and I want to help u and will answer your questions if they are easy.

1- Russia is god country but recently your country has good relationship with my country instead of getting our money. i like Russia especially Moscow.

2-i didn't travel to your country but i wish that i were there at least 1 time.

3-i didn't go Russia, but if i travel 1 time to russia, it's only because of  nice and  fantastic  views.

4-my people don't like Russia , and recently in thier Demonstrations they told "Death to Russia & china" . this motto is about Russia politics, it's not about thier good and kind people.

5-i have no association with Russia.

6-i haven't heard any thing but i am eager to know sth.

Be Lucky Dear

08:30 AM Dec 20 2009 |