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Any help, please?!

Oanna Helen


Is there anybody who can help me with a medical dictionary?? or a dictionary which contains orthopedic diagnostics?

05:56 PM Apr 27 2010 |

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Oanna Helen


Thank you very much! I appreciatE it and hope it'd be useful.

07:36 PM Apr 27 2010 |

raj saini

raj saini


plz new friends \meet

10:14 AM Apr 29 2010 |



Palestinian Territory, Occupied

i need english teacher to learn

i want your telefon

08:24 PM May 02 2010 |



I would like to learn English, talk to someone.

07:37 AM May 15 2010 |




I would advise you to use Longman Medical Dictionary, it's great and elaborate. In fact it contains all the terms that are related to the field of MEDICINE.You can either buy the pocket dictionary or the latest large edition. I think that it is available in most of medical colleges.

wish u all the best

10:29 PM May 16 2010 |



i need to learn the prouncetion and phonitiques of english to  speak english well

how i can do please any one helpe me ??

02:13 PM May 17 2010 |



Hello Billy!

It goes with out saying that being familiar with  the phonology of English  i.e. it's phonetic sounds will be of great help to refine your Speaking skill. However, this won't be enough, if u really want an effective way to better ur speking kills, then u should :

  1. Listen to English as much as possible, this can be by listening to English speaking channnels such as : BBC or CNN.
  2. Further,  having alive chat with native speakers will be also useful.
  3. Reading English texts ( newspaper, magazin…whatever) with a loud voice.

I hope that this can be helful.



11:25 PM May 18 2010 |

zhao yun


it is important to me :the preposition modidfy which element of the sentence

04:12 PM May 21 2010 |

zhao yun


it is important to me :the preposition pharase modidfy which element of the sentence

04:13 PM May 21 2010 |