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How to Speak English Fluently - 7 secrets




A lot of my students ask me how to speak English fluently.  It's kind of a "buzz word" in non native speaking countries.  I've probably been asked it over 1000 times in my life.  I used to just say stuff like "practice more, don't be shy, learn new words and use them" but then I realized I was just being lazy and not really helping anyone with my advice.  I noticed some students could speak well while others almost made no improvement.  I finally decided to think carefully about what made the difference.

1.  Fluent English speakers study every day.  They are super consistent.  The students who study hard right before the test and then do nothing for the rest of the time never seem to speak well.

2.  Another thing I noticed is that students who learned how to speak fluently challenged themselves and didn't just follow the boring textbook.  They didn't make excuses about how boring the class was, and instead found some system that worked for them.  

There are a bunch of more things these "successful" students did and I spent the afternoon writing about it.  I wrote 7 articles that if you follow, you'll be able to speak like a native speaker soon.  Trust me.  How to Speak English Fluently

02:12 PM Aug 14 2010 |

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It is a good advice that every one shoudl follow it.and one question i have is that how can i talk over the internet with the people? Pease reply to this question.

08:33 AM Jul 10 2011 |

dania ghannoum

United States

im not speak english verry well


12:38 AM Sep 04 2011 |




12:38 PM Sep 05 2011 |

priceless hamilton

Cote D'Ivoire

i want to know something, in the case you don’t find someone to talk? how your skills can get improvement?

12:31 PM Oct 12 2012 |




I have been practicing since last 7 years but i couldn’t improve it upto expectations , its because i don’t have english speaking friends and we mostly speak our native language. 

02:46 PM Oct 13 2012 |




I am Nikki.I am a graduate.English was one of my subject in school and college.I can speak english but not fluently,when ever i have to speak in english i speak cut cut words,i will wait and think to gather words to speak in english.I am learning english by watching videos like this http://www.youtube.com/twominenglish Did you ever face situation like this.

05:07 AM Nov 23 2012 |




To speak English language fluently i am watching online video conversations practically http://youtu.be/t5LuqJJVhaE which helps me to learn English fastly.

06:33 AM Dec 13 2012 |



thank you for topic


01:51 PM Jan 18 2013 |



South Korea

I totally agree with the second secret. Even if the the way textbook is comprised is boring to them, good students somehow find a way to get the most out of it.

Also, I think motivation is a crucial factor. Students seem to be motivated by connection to cultures. So I try to bring authentic cultural stuff to class.

09:09 PM Feb 05 2013 |




well, first of all i thank you for this helpful advices that you give for your pupils concerning howx to speak english fluently. and one more advice i want to add is read books,articles, papers or whatever in pairs then try togive ideas about that subject have been read and ask ask questions regularly.

thank you

11:33 PM Jun 29 2013 |