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How to Teach "Kick Ass" Spoken English




If you are teaching ESL, you know already how retarded the lessons the schools provide are.  I've had students hate my classes for years before I finally learned to give them what they want.  They always said "teach me something INTERESTING"  The problem was I had no idea what they thought was interesting and they couldn't give me examples.  

I found out that "INTERESTING" meant something fun that they can use.  The kind of slang we use in real life and the funny little stuff in movies.  If your students can learn to say something cool or funny and get a laugh out of westerners, they will love your classes.  

Teach them a simple slang word they probably don't know and make sure they understand how and when to use it.  Come up with several examples and get them thinking of some too.

For example, teach a word like "Cougar"

A "Cougar" is an older woman who goes to bars and likes to date younger guys.  It's a funny idea and it's a word they would never have learned in school.  It will spark a debate about if this kind of person is good or bad and get a lot of things going at once.  It's "INTERESTING" and you'll be the teacher of the year. 

It's not always easy to think of millions of good terms and examples.  The best lesson plans I've ever used by far are here:

College Spoken English Lesson Plans


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08:15 AM Oct 13 2010 |

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ot is so inteststing

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andylu2, u seems so familiar with american english… tell us more

09:37 AM Nov 02 2010 |


Palestinian Territory, Occupied

you are right ,andylu2, cos students are not after meta language and they want something to be usable in their daily life, or at least they could meet these expressions in the movies they watch.

10:01 AM Nov 05 2010 |



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i used it before. i think these are the best…




11:38 PM Nov 05 2010 |



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