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let's be partner


Palestinian Territory, Occupied

hi everyone,

cos we are all teachers, we should make partnership with each other to help widen our package of experiece. this is going to help us reach out with each other and exchange ideas.

this can help us by letting our students talk to each other.

if you are ready for this, you can email me on this:

10:46 AM Nov 05 2010 |

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Hello, my name is Henar. I´m student of English. I live in Madrid. Goodbye!!!

01:05 PM Nov 05 2010 |



United Kingdom


I'm also an English Teacher.  Your idea sounds like a good one.

Ben Laughing

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02:13 PM Nov 05 2010 |


Palestinian Territory, Occupied

Hello Benjipie

what i mean is to expose our students to the cultures of each other.

also, we can establish a facebook page and post the works of our students on this page. and anyone would like to share, he is welcomed.

04:51 PM Nov 05 2010 |



Dear English teachers and learners around the globe,

It's an honor to know more about you. I hope we can share ideas and insights to make our English much better than it used to be. Also visit my site: englishcenter.web.id to make us much closer in a spirit of togetherness.    

04:00 AM Nov 06 2010 |




I am Indra. I invite you all to take part in English Poem and Song Lyric Writing Competition. For more info, just visit my site: englishcenter.web.id

05:50 AM Nov 06 2010 |



i hope chatting with a cleaver English speaker


06:19 PM Nov 07 2010 |


United States


Your endeavor can be a winner for both teachers and students.  I support your efforts in this activity.

You and your readers may want to benefit from my mini lessons on American English in the Teachers forum. Here is the link below:


08:04 AM Nov 15 2010 |



hi teacher

could you help me with study of english language


09:55 AM Nov 18 2010 |