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Teacher Talk

a university English teacher



on the first session at the university:

what should a university teacher say or do?

-how will you greet students? 

-what questions will you ask to make students introduce themselves?

what are the things that a teacher should not do on the first session?


01:28 PM Sep 07 2011 |

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ur answers please

03:12 PM Sep 07 2011 |


Russian Federation

-what should a university teacher say or do?

well, don’t you have a lesson plan? We’re always given ones.Just follow the 

 -how will you greet students? say “Hello,”or “good morning”, and introduce yourself. I always write my name on the board, because they never remember anything unless you write it on the board.(the same applies to hometask)

-what questions will you ask to make students introduce themselves? – The usual stuff. if they’re not beginners, they can fairly well introduce themselver if you ask them to do it. Usually they speak about their homecity, english learning experience and why they chose this university.Just ask them to introduce themselves.There are of course many more entertaining ways to do it, but it’s time consuming and not always advisible in academic atmosphere. But I work in a big posh and serious state university. there’re less formal private ones))

what are the things that a teacher should not do on the first session?

Don’t let them get the control and embarass you!! You’re the boss.Take a deep breath and dive)) good luck) 


05:09 PM Sep 07 2011 |



thanks russian federation for ur answer.

in tunisia and more precisely in the university where i teach, there is a difficulty at the first session.  i teach english and we use handouts or booklets to be distributed to students but these handouts can’t be ready for the first two sessions due to many administrative procedures, so i wonder what to plan for the first session that lasts for one hour and half, it s quite not practical to keep writing tasks on the board and erasing them and repeat the same hard activity for many classes.

07:29 PM Sep 07 2011 |

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03:33 PM Sep 09 2011 |



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10:04 PM Sep 17 2011 |