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As a teacher, do you have any ache on your neck?


United States

I have been engaged in this field for 3 years since I graduated from college. I love to be a teacher and enjoy this. However as time go by, I feel something wrong with my neck. Perhaps you can guess that as a teacher we have to stand towards students on the platform in the front of classroom and have to spare much attention to blackboard on the back. You can imagine this scene, right? If this has been on for 3 years. How can I feel with my neck? One day my friend introduces me a mini keyboard  on lktown that gives me a big hand for my teaching. During my teaching, I can stand in students and reduce the distance between us!

09:21 AM Feb 10 2012 |

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No i don’t have as her problem

07:58 AM Feb 14 2012 |


United States

yeah, Pherhaps I need change my altitude. Thanks

07:35 AM Feb 21 2012 |




I have been a teacher for nearly ten years, but i don’t have the trouble in my neck. May I ask you a question ?how many minutes does one class have in America? In China we have 40 minutes in a class. Thank you!

04:11 PM Mar 27 2012 |



Saudi Arabia

I’m not a teacher , but as I’m a student sometimes i have neck ache even while I’m answering the exam , so i guess it’s normal to have it , it means you worked so hard :D Good Luck to every one :D

05:15 PM Mar 28 2012 |