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What do you think about punishment?

Joshua Guo

Joshua Guo


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No one today is unaware of the crucial to tell children what can do and what can’t do. Given making mistake, children need be given much more time to introspect and reflect instead of merely giving corporal punishment.


Unlike reward, punishment makes people suffer because his behavior isn’t allowed. To most adults’ mind, through physical punishment, adults could be able to correct children’s behavior immediately. Punishment is an inescapable part of life, yet we could try to change the “Rule of the game” that we play with children.   


In order to escape from being penalized, the pupils in the class attempt to obey pedagogues. However, Rafe Esquith, an elementary school mentor, called the best and the most successful teacher in America, give punishment an opposite definition. Where trust exists, lies the principles co-discussed by the kids and Rafe. His heuristic education, practices at the Room 56, based on discovering and experiencing things for children themselves have helped those who almost came from slum area to attending famous colleges when them grow adolescent. Such efficient punishment ways as to confiscate the token which can exchange the predictable gifts, to deprive of the special rights which can join the class drama club and band, to bar from attending a history field trip which have planned cooperatively, are accepted in Rafe’s class. Thus, a slacker or a disturber will be willing to hold accountable for his actions or bear the results.  


Opposed to corporal punishment that may modify children’s bad behavior for a while, to let them acknowledge their responsibilities may serve the purpose well. Belligerency, aggression, rebellion acts as a natural defense mechanism. Antisocial behavior seems the tip of the submerged iceberg. Apparently, children are expected to be understood, respected, guided, loved and trusted. The methods of discipline, for better or for worse, have little to do with blame or bodily punishment itself, and much more to do with the re-establishment of the value of those in ignorance and illiterate. Instructors are supposed to awaken the soul of the instructed, give it light, hope, joy and set it free by patience, wisdom and love.

03:46 PM Nov 05 2012 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

punishment could be a good way for reforming unexperienced people and also the ones who are not careful about what they do. In my country, it used to be a habit for parents to spank their children. however since parents did not dare to hit their children, they have made major and fatal mistakes in their lives.

04:43 PM Nov 17 2012 |

maani 1383

maani 1383

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Punishment  generally is banned. But if it is used appropriately,seeme to work.If it is going to punish, it,s better not to encourage him/her.

09:16 PM Dec 26 2012 |

kevin tran

Viet Nam

We should give the punishment to who  makes serious misake. That is the good lesson to them but not only for chidren but also for adults.

07:31 AM Jan 02 2013 |