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Inspirational Music

Inspirational Music

Date: Dec 26 2005


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Music has always been a source of inspiration for people. It helps usovercome sorrow, pushes us to work harder, and makes us feel cheerful or reflective. Music is very powerful.

Listen to Miguel and Joe talk about the music that inspires them.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Miguel:  Hey, Joe. I just bought the, uh, soundtrack to that movie Magnolia. Have you heard it?

Joe:  No. Is that soundtrack good?

Miguel:  Yeah, it’s really good! It has that one song, Dreams, on there, you know, like, “Dreams can come true, so on, so on…”

Joe:  Seems like I remember it, but I can’t remember who sings it.

Miguel:  Yeah. It’s this woman named, uh, Gabrielle, or something. I don’t think she had a lot of other popular songs, but that one song is awesome.

Joe:  Yeah, that is a pretty cool song. You know that reminds me of this other song that’s real inspirational that I listen to.

Miguel:  What’s that?

Joe:  It came out a while ago – back in the 80’s – but it’s called “We Are The World.”

Miguel:  Oh really? That is an inspirational song. I used to try to play that song on the piano.

Joe:  Oh really?

Miguel:  Yeah, I remember that song, it had like all those people, Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper, Stevie Wonder.

Joe:  Yeah. Bruce Springsteen, Rod Stewart.

Miguel:  Oh yeah. It was all, like, the popular artists back then, right?

Joe:  Yeah, it sure was. All those people were real positive and every time I hear that song it, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Miguel:  It lifts you up right? It’s totally like that because all those people came together to, like, you know, try to help – it was feed children or something right?

Joe:  Yeah, it was, it was all about feeding children and just both of those songs seem real inspirational.

Miguel:  Yeah, I totally agree. Those are the songs that I play when I, I need a pick-me-up.



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When I’m jogging I like to listen to hip hop or, sometimes, hard rock music. The steady rhythm of hip hop music helps me keep my pace, and hard rock makes me want to run faster and harder. Music by Bob Dylan and Pink Floyd makes me very reflective, and music by Franz Ferdinand and The Shins makes me want to dance. Britney’s music usually just makes me sick. ;)

What kind of music inspires you?



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music like drugs, has a strong and short effect it can completely control your heart and it will prevent your mind from working, it can bring out a lot of memories, if you are despair it is very dangerous to listen to the music.

05:22 AM Dec 16 2013 |



I like listening to electronic music all the time. keeps me active. I also like jazz and blues when I’m happy and start reading a book.

01:31 AM Jul 04 2012 |


Russian Federation

Music from the film The Chorusand Yann Tiersen’s music

07:22 PM May 14 2012 |




03:24 AM Dec 28 2007 |




ya. Thats great and lead a cheerful life

07:57 AM Aug 07 2007 |



Viet Nam


04:14 PM Aug 06 2007 |



Hi everybody in the extra sits,it's very nice to meet u without  think anymore

12:55 PM Aug 05 2007 |


Viet Nam

That's so wonderful to have more and more friends , do you think so ???

Nice to meet all of you

Let be my friends , it'll be great _

04:44 AM Aug 05 2007 |

Nguyen Manh Hoai

Viet Nam


Roses are red

Violets are blue

whoever you are, I want to make friends with you.


07:47 AM Jul 23 2007 |



hi you are most welcome

im so glad to talk with you


08:46 AM Jun 19 2007 |



We are the Wold was a great song in the 80's… It was able communicate around the world… saying there are so many people who are hungry…..  I love that song…...

09:17 AM Jun 06 2007 |



wow-long enough ^

02:22 PM Dec 31 2005 |


United States

I like it

02:37 PM Dec 26 2005 |




It’s a good shot.The key word in this lesson seems to be”inspirational”.Or uplifting,rousing,hearening,heartwarming,whatever~!By the bye,Britney’s music is,well,sickening…

01:52 PM Dec 26 2005 |

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