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give it my all

give it my all

Date: Jun 15 2006


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

“I give it my all when I’m out on the pitch.”

Oswaldo Sanchez, goal keeper for Mexico’s World Cup soccer (football) team.


1. Definition - Study the definition.

do everything you can to succeed; to do your best

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

When you give it your all, you do everything you can to achieve a goal. You use all of your effort to get something done.

In Gwen Stefani’s song Hollaback Girl, she sings:

Both of us want to be the winner, but there can only be one
So I’m gonna fight, gonna give it my all...

This means that she is going to do her best to be the winner.

In the quote above, Oswaldo Sanchez is saying that when he is on the field, he tries very hard to win.


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

“Ichiro gave it his all during last night’s game, but the Seattle Mariners still did not win.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

zeus2006 I presume ıts meaning:to make the greatest possible effort in order to achive something. :)
by zeus2006Super Member!
concentrate on something or devote to something totally
by liujinhibox
ymi to do my best
by ymi
To do something with your full strength, and abilities
by jgangwar
doing ur best
by amirbiglarbeigi
My endurance
by hsn1
do the best one can
by mikesu
Inga_K did all his best
by Inga_K
arabeska do sm's best; devote all your energy to a certain task
by arabeska
anne123fm do my best.
by anne123fm
servey ı think he is a good goolkeeper so he want to play always
by servey
i think it means, try to do best and to give the best, so that his team win the match!!!
by Erika
Do my best!
by rachalova
Turmeric to gather all someone's strength, ability and skills to do the utmost.
by Turmeric
loukas To do own best to achieve a goal!
by loukas
zzbway forget every other things.
by zzbway
devote himeself to it
by cuthbert
paula-21 give the best from me
by paula-21
zoom on doing a responsibility very good with full attention
by ruhollah111
hi, i think it means that i perform as best as i can. thanks
by faree
I do my best, I try with all my heart
by Kti
I do my best
by wonkapet
曦晓 I think it means somebody have experienced and mastered the rules and the skills in his field.
by 曦晓
kocakurt would say that it means let her/himself go and do whatever she/he can do... thanx and have a nice week you all...
by kocakurt
to do his best
by mrgiba
try my best or make every endeaver
by flyingcat1984
iwill do all thing i can do
by gismo
ksequen To give the best of yourself
by ksequen
bulcao it means: try to do everything for the best.
by bulcao
i give my best
by stephane
means...I do my best...
by cypri
I do my best
by Zully Tabarez
carry out your very best.
by lhuie
pixie222 He does all he can, he does his best effort
by pixie222
I guess it means "try my best to do it"
by freetofly_th
he wants to do his perfomance without saving any strength.
by goon56
try my best to do sth
by vander
To do something with the maximum of one's abilities and will.
by Mnemosynea
shiva he does all that i can
by shiva
I do everthing I can
by carmen84
It means, "do my best"
by nectarine
he did his best
by karola 26
I think " Give it my all" means Give the best of oneself. It's like "I do my best when I'm out on the pitch".
by melirubi
monicalo "give it my all" means You have do your best.
by monicalo
This means that someone does his/her best to achieve a goal
by portugal
Ramon Lee to do your level best. you will approach the success if you give it your all whatevery doing everything
by Ramon Lee
try my best to do something.
by winedy

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