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at stake

at stake

Date: Sep 28 2006


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

“But really, children’s lives, real lives, are at stake.”

Christina Aguilera talking about how children in violent homes can be in danger.


1. Definition - Study the definition.

in danger; at risk

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

Christina Aguilera means that children who grow up around domestic violence can suffer serious harm. They are at risk.

You can also use this expression for other things at risk. For example, if you are accused of lying, you want to be vindicated because your reputation is at stake.

If a husband cheats on his wife, he is putting his marriage at stake.

If the boss tells you to sell more advertising or he’ll fire you, your job is at stake.


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

“I have to finish writing this book. My reputation is at stake.”

“The police are negotiating with the kidnappers because the hostage’s life is at stake.”

“Yao has to make this basket. His professional future is at stake.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

in danger!
by allenzhuchao
in danger.
by astghik63
in a dangerous or risky environment
by cynthiahuang
sunny3933 dangerous
by sunny3933
at a great risk
by Dianna
If we don't do something to help those children they will suffer. Their lives depend on what we can do to help them.
by marilia
At stake means at risk.
by arbayat2001
"at stake" means dangerous or unsafe.
by Yanger
xiahong in danger
by xiahong
At stake means 'in danger.' Thanks, folks. Zunnich
by Zunnich
at risk
by molly06
in trouble
by molly06
at risk
by anota
When somebody's life is at stake, it's in danger and exposed to bad things happening to him/her. It means "in jeopardy"
by Evangelina
currently life in danger .dangerous moment.
by fawnping
Nataliaaf In potential danger.
by Nataliaaf
in jeopardy, in danger, threatened
by chilena12
at risk
by mrgiba
Turmeric it means that something is in danger, taking risk
by Turmeric
posessing the risk of getting a lot more worse.
by vincentfarran
in danger or not safe
by Glenna610
At stake means a threat of losing their lives or danger to their lives.
by neerja
in danger. Something relates to life and death
by amylao
at stake means to be at risk
by thuhuong
at risk or in danger.
by xiangbc
Something that is at stake has irresponsibly been put under high risk and it takes not much for it to be lost completely, definitely, for good. I think Christina Aguilera wants to stress that action should be taken to change the situation of children in violent homes.
by utelity
"at stakes" means in danger
by anota
Children's lives are uncertain, like on a bet.
by Northern.Wolf
Children's lives are in jeopardy and threatened.
by chilena12
talitapb danger, how their lives are in risk
by talitapb
Aguilera probably means the children`s lives in violent homes are built on sand and they are expose to a daily threat.
by rachalova
ajayk I think it means at risk, childerens lives are at risk.
by ajayk
arabeska In danger; hazarded; pledged;in the lion's den :)
by arabeska
hossein99 at risk
by hossein99
sucky Very dangerous
by sucky

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