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take it seriously

take it seriously

Date: Nov 02 2006


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

“It’s to honor movies and to honor people who worked hard. Those people take it seriously.”

Ellen DeGeneres talking about her upcoming role as host of the Oscars.


1. Definition - Study the definition.

believe strongly; to be serious about something

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

In this quote, Ellen is talking about the Academy Awards and the actors who have been nominated. When she says that the people who work in the movie business take it seriously, she means that they are serious about their work. They take pride in what they do, and they do their best.

If two people decide to get married, it is because they take the relationship seriously, and they take commitment seriously.

If you are trying to tell your girlfriend how you feel and she’s laughing at you, you might be hurt because you want her to take you seriously.

If you want to speak good English, you have to take it seriously. You have to study and practice.


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

“Sara cried when I said I didn’t like her haircut. I was just joking but she took it seriously!

“I never thought about my health until I was diagnosed with cancer. Now I take it seriously. “

“Inga and Martin trust me to take care of their house and their children. I take it seriously that they have that much trust in me.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

They took it with pride and devotions.
by KYYeong
it means payinig too much attantion to smth; consider smth to be precious and important to smb
by blissss
alexyang respect movies very much
by alexyang
shasha4132 think it important;pay much attention to it
by shasha4132
it means treat it as really something
by wo88ni
sincere with their work and not just playing around
by fakerflaker
Y.Furu to believe that something is worth smeome's attention or respet
by Y.Furu
it means "give importance something very much"
by catliumit
those people take it seriously is that the people who devote their minds, their passion to their work. They work with all their hearts
by thuhuong
dringfun Pay attention to ,take care,or think something important.
by dringfun
Lunkygirl work hard and do it sincerely
by Lunkygirl
try to do things with the best way, hard work and carefully, i guess that
by vungoccham
talitapb people are not kidding, they take what they're doing as something important
by talitapb
mean business, take it to the heart
by fawnping
I think it means to work hard on it and honor it.
by sunnygang
attach importance to it
by Chubasco
those people are being responsible and do sth in a seriuos manner
by chilena12
it means to work hard on something, being very responsible
by dolenta
ivy0825 be responsible for the work and achieve some accomplishment.
by ivy0825
hossein99 consider serious.
by hossein99
yangmin It means diligence,industry.
by yangmin
believe something really
by faith ling
work hard,conscientious about his job
by 05041009
i think it means somebody theat his work as the most important thing
by OlinaJang
It means that someone is really care about it.
by Orange

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Teachers should help students in finding proper path for spending better best custom essay in future. They should give them solution to overcome their errors and replace them with great improvement. They should not ignore the students due to their weaknesses.

09:17 AM May 10 2015 |




Hi, Heather

I think probably not only for women but for men as well. She instills confidence in women crashing standardized opinions like “if you’re skinny, you’re beautiful” and etc. She gives the world rebellious ideas and gets it to see in a freindly way from her point of view. One fact that, there’re many actors want to be judges on “American Idol ” show. Ellen was invinted and after being there for a month, left saying she can’t stand critisizing the contestants. Isn’t wonderful and tell a lot about her generous nature.

And back to Oscars. Which was the funniest moment at this show?

12:17 PM Feb 27 2012 |

tutorheatherSuper Member!

United States

Ola, that is so great to hear that Ellen is a symbol of happiness and freedom for women. Can you tell me a bit more about that? Why do you think she symbolizes such wonderful things?


07:34 AM Feb 27 2012 |

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Buttafly, can’t wait the beginning of the show. Ellen is very popular here. She’s a symbol of happiness and freedom for women. To my shame, I always short of time to watch her show, but I’ve seen her hosting Oscar. I liked it. Though she was a ” little bit” nervous, she did a good job. Her all of sudden movements, replicas, gestures can really wake us up :) and it’s hard not to admire. She’s so natural! Still in my memory how she went to the audience where all the stars where sitting and they kind of were watching her  with that what-she- will-do-now look. She’s lots of fun. Definitely. That’s what, I think will be the best compliment for Billy Crystal this year.

10:51 PM Feb 26 2012 |




Yeah, today’s Oscar!!! And there gonna be 9 best picture nominees! I wonder if Bill Crystal will be “starring” in them as he usually did in his previous 8 time host duties. He’s classic, no doubt. Nothing is over the top like calling Bruce Willis, “Ashton Kutcher’s Dad” by Ricky Gervais. Though we can expect from him some zingers, ripostes which are quite witty, I think, and don’t make anyone embarrassed. And I expect a musical opening with Billy dancing in his taxido. Well, the qestion is how the young generation will take it. May be the comedy veteran shouldn’t take it that seriously, but I like his old hat style.

09:20 PM Feb 26 2012 |

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why no audio ?

09:36 AM Mar 02 2007 |

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