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The Lake House

The Lake House

Date: Nov 15 2006


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2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

In their first film together since 1994, Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock reunite. This time, they star in a romance called The Lake House. Somehow, the two begin writing letters to each other even though they are living two years apart.

Listen to Kevin and Amanda gush about romance movies.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Kevin:  Have you seen The Lake House yet?

Amanda:  Isn’t that with Keanu and Sandra?

Kevin:  That’s right. Back together again.

Amanda:  Apparently people think they have chemistry. Right? Speed I. Speed 2. Gotta put ‘em back together as lovers.

Kevin:  I’m not sure what they have, but they got something.

Amanda:  I’m not sold on the chemistry myself.

Kevin:  What’s your feeling of, you know… do you

dig romance movies?

Amanda:  I dig romance movies because they’re never, uh… they’re always far from reality.

Kevin:  Yeah.

Amanda:  That’s why. They always feel good. They end how, uh, you want it to, versus how it really happens in the real world.

Kevin:  I know. And you know, sometimes I do like to go to a movie and cry. I mean, I really… I do enjoy…

Amanda:  I do too.

Kevin:  Call me a softy but I enjoy a good romance.

Amanda:  They’re very cathartic, huh?

Kevin:  Yes.

Amanda:  Even more so than any other genre of film.

Kevin:  Mmm hmm.

Amanda:  Um, one of my favorites is Before Sunset.

Kevin:  Oh. So good. I love it.

Amanda:  The writing is brilliant. And you know that the writing is brilliant because nothing happens in the film.

Kevin:  Yes. Yes.

Amanda:  They walk from one point to another.

Kevin:  It’s wonderful.

Amanda:  It’s all dialog.

Kevin:  It’s wonderful.

Amanda:  Wonderful, flirtatious conversation.

Kevin:  It’s fantastic. Is this…Is this really stereotypical that the girl and the gay guy are having this conversation?

Amanda:  I don’t know. Is it?

Kevin:  I think so, but I still like romance movies.

Amanda:  Me too.



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Amanda thought that Keanu was in Speed 2, but he wasn’t. He was only in the original Speed movie.

Neither Kevin nor Amanda seems particularly interested in seeing The Lake House. But they both like romance movies. Amanda likes the happy endings and Kevin likes to have a good cry.

They both loved Before Sunset, which starred Ethan Hawke and French actress Julie Delpy.

Kevin says he thinks it’s very stereotypical for the gay guy and the girl to talk about romance movies. This is because many people stereotype gay men as being more emotional than straight men, and therefore more likely to appreciate things that women appreciate—like romance movies. (This is just a stereotype.)

Do you like romance movies? Which ones?



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zhaleh hoor

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I’m really softy, I dig The Lake House, It’s awesome and a different Romance movie :)

07:16 PM Oct 31 2014 |




Good conversation! I like the way amanda speaks! actually try to imitate it! hahah

03:04 AM Nov 21 2007 |




I do like romance movie! sometimes its kinda related to your own situation. I like THE NOTEBOOK! its really a good movie. its so romantic! an endless love! it makes me chills while watching it.. Love until their last breath. 

03:03 AM Nov 21 2007 |


United States

this is a great dialogLaughing

11:48 PM Oct 28 2007 |



Flirtatious conversation are cathartic. I like it even when I know its not possible to have a relationship 8)

04:42 PM Jul 22 2007 |



Saudi Arabia

Its fictional story and I don’t like this kind of stories. But they make me feel with the harmony that they live in it. Maybe I’m agreeing with “Amanda” when she said: this movie is so far from the reality! But you find something touching your soul in this movie.

09:05 PM May 16 2007 |


Viet Nam

Sandra Bullock, She’s so smoking. I dig her

03:42 PM Nov 15 2006 |



South Korea


05:04 AM Nov 15 2006 |




I saw this movie, I am a big Keanu fan. I seldom missed his films. Romantic, hmm, cool, just do not see that when you break up with someone.

03:57 AM Nov 15 2006 |

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