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Open Season

Open Season

Date: Nov 29 2006


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Ashton Kutcher is branching out. He is one of the voices in the animated film Open Season, which was released in the States a few months ago.

Kutcher got famous with the cool kids when he hosted Punk’d on MTV.

Of course, hooking up with Demi Moore got him some headlines too, since she’s old enough to be his mother. But apparently, they are happy.

Kutcher also made a name for himself on That 70s Show as a not-so-smart teenager. (He co-starred with Topher Grace who also does movies. He’ll be in the upcoming Spider Man 3 and was in the Julia Roberts movie Mona Lisa Smile.)

Listen to Erin rant to Mason about Ashton Kutcher. She doesn’t think he’s so hot.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Erin:  So, someone, in a brilliant moment, decided it would be really cool to have Ashton Kutcher be a voice for the new, um, animated film…

Mason:  OK, I can see that. He’s got range. Like, that’s versatility.

Erin:  He is a pretty boy trying to act. And he even is trying to take more serious roles, like this Kevin...

Mason:  Make him just a voice, what does he got? He’s got nothing.

Erin:  Nothing. And I mean, he can act goofy and, you know, shake a lot, and stuff but, I don’t get him. And he’s dating Demi Moore. That’s probably the best thing about him. But, um, or no, he’s married… I should correct that.

Mason:  Are they married now?

Erin:  Oh, yes. They’re married. Um…

Mason:  Well maybe that’s why he’s doing it. You know, every… all the actors, when they have kids, then they’re, like, “Well, you know I don’t make movies for my kids, so…”

Erin:  Frankly, I think it was the other way around for him. I think, “Oh, he’s gonna marry Demi Moore therefore let’s offer him more jobs ‘cause he’s cool because he’s married to Demi Moore.” I think he’s trying to grow up, um, which he’ll never be able to do. But, I think he’s trying to grow up and kind of take on more serious roles. He’s got another film with Kevin Costner coming out. ...Which… that actually looks really good, not because of him but because of Kevin Costner.

Mason:  OK.



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The title and readout of this lesson read: Open Season on Ashton Kutcher. This is a play on words. In English, when someone is the target of jokes or is receiving a lot of criticism, we say it’s “open season” on that person.

Erin is obviously not an Ashton Kutcher fan. Anything she says about him that is positive is totally sarcastic.

Mason is sarcastic as well when he says that Ashton has versatility. He does think that it’s possible that he’s taking on a role in an animated film because he now has Demi Moore’s children in his life.

Erin’s right though. Ashton is starring in a big Hollywood movie opposite Kevin Costner called The Guardian.

Are you an Ashton Kutcher fan? Why or why not?



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I like the expression as open season .
Because of their meaning .
If there is an authority to open season a person or gruop that do not make feel people happy or satisfy to their acts or representatives .
Indeed , the open season behaves might help people to get new life.

04:19 AM Jan 22 2016 |




In china, No Open season Now.

06:29 AM Dec 01 2006 |



I think it’s poor because I not agree whit that two people but the lesson was good

01:43 PM Nov 29 2006 |

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