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The Rise of the Shins

The Rise of the Shins

Date: May 07 2007

Themes: Music


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Everyone wants their favorite bands to be successful, but sometimes a group you like can get too popular. It starts to get hard to get a ticket to their shows. Then they start playing bigger places. Suddenly a band you’re used to seeing in a comfortable theater is playing a stadium. The band deserves success, so you’re happy for them. But you also miss being one of their only fans.

The Shins, a rock band from Portland, aren’t quite in stadiums yet, but they definitely have become very well-known in recent years. Listen to Mason tell Amanda about how much he loves the Shins’ new album and about what it’s like to watch a favorite band get big.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Mason:  I just today got the new Shins album, which I’m so…I’ve listened to about half of it, but I’m in love.

Amanda:  Now that’s the Chinese trio, right? From New York?

Mason:  Huh? No. Um…what? Really?

Amanda:  Those are the only Shin sisters that I know, right?

Mason:  Shins? No this is like shins, like between your knee and your ankle, like the Shins?

Amanda:  Not the Chinese last name, Shin?

Mason:  No. They’re an indie rock outfit, I think the zines would call them.

Amanda:  Oh, okay.

Mason:  You know, they were in Garden State, the Garden State soundtrack which I know you like a lot.

Amanda:  Zach Braff!

Mason:  You know the music that Natalie Portman is like, “Listen to this, it will change your life.”

Amanda:  Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

Mason:  It will change your life, but I kinda hate that she outed them, because they just had a concert in town which sold out in like half an hour, so I don’t get to see them now.

Amanda:  So you think that if they hadn’t been featured in that soundtrack maybe they wouldn’t be so mainstream?

Mason:  If they were still my wonderful little pet band…But, you know, I have to watch them grow up. It’s like having a child.

Amanda:  Well tonight I’m going to check them out on iTunes download.

Mason:  It’s incredibly good. They’re like the new Beach Boys.

Amanda:  Is it worth 99 cents?

Mason:  It’s worth so much more than 99 cents.

Amanda:  Really?

Mason:  So much more. Like a dollar fifty, tops.



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Mason hasn’t listened to all of the Shins new album, but what he’s heard he loves. As he tells Amanda about it, she becomes confused and thinks that he is talking about an album by three Chinese sisters with the last name of Shin.

Mason reminds Amanda that the Shins were featured in the movie Garden State. The band’s appearance in the film helped them become much more popular. Now their shows sell out too fast for Mason to get a ticket. He is happy for the Shins, but wishes he could still see them.

Amanda says she will listen to the Shins’ new album, and Mason says it’s worth more than it costs. He compares the Shins to the Beach Boys, one of the most beloved bands ever.

Has a favorite band of yours ever achieved fame? How did you feel about their new success? What artists do you think deserve greater popularity?



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I think some artists of the genre of blues and jazz! deserve more praise.

11:33 PM Jun 28 2012 |




02:57 PM Dec 10 2007 |




it is mor less then!

05:29 PM May 07 2007 |




it is much less then..

08:16 AM May 07 2007 |




it is much less what can i say about The Shins, but evry popular band do not regard their below class fans.Suddenly a band you’re used to seeing in a comfortable theater is playing a places over than you.

07:10 AM May 07 2007 |




Lots and lots of great Portland bands! Richmond Fontaine is my favorite – not “too big”, and touring Europe this spring.

03:34 AM May 07 2007 |

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