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Coast-to-coast trip

Coast-to-coast trip

Date: May 21 2007

Topic: Reading

Author: phoogoo



I am writing about a 1-week trip I am going to take. I will be going to both New York and LA. 


Well, I'm just about to head out on my coast-to-coast trip.  Tonight, I am taking the red eye to New York.  My brother is planning on meeting me at La Guardia tomorrow morning when I get in.  We'll probably drop off my stuff and then cruise around town.  I love walking around New York.  There is so much to see and do and so many cool restaurants and bars to explore.  We're going to pick a rendevouz point so I can meet up with some other friends who live there.  We'll probably do some bar hopping.  If we get sloshed we can always hop in a cab although I don't want to burn through my whole budget in one night. I'll be in New York until Friday.

From there I will head to LA to meet my friend Matt. Matt is a stand up comedian, so it's possible that we might hit a comedy club.  I know he doesn't have any gigs scheduled, but he has a lot of other friends in the comedy biz.  Matt said he might be able to score some Dodgers tickets.  That would be a blast since I haven't been to a Major League game since the Giants played at Candlestick.  

I'll only be gone a week so I'll have to do my best to see and do as much as I can.   


head out - (v.) to depart

coast-to-coast  - (adj.)  from one coast (of the United States) to the other, the entire country

red eye - (n. slang) an all-night flight

plan on - (v.) intend to do something

La Guardia - (n.) One of New York's airports

get in - (v.) arrive

drop off - (v.) to leave something somewhere, to deliver

stuff - (n.) things, posessions, (in this case) baggage

cruise around - (v.) to wander around leisurely without a specific destination

rendevouz - (n.) meeting

meet up - (v.) meet

bar hopping - (n. slang) to go from bar to bar

sloshed - (adj. slang) drunk, inebriated

hop in - (v.) get into a car

burn through - (v.) use something up very fast

stand up comedian - (n.) someone who tells jokes in a club

hit - (v. slang) to go to

gig - (n. slang) a show or a temporary job

comedy biz - (n. slang) comedy business, comedy industry

score - (v. slang) to win something, to get something valuable

Dodgers - (n.) Los Angeles' professional baseball team

blast - (n.) a fun time, n exciting experience

Giants - (n.) San Francisco's professional baseball team

Candlestick - (n.) San Francisco's previous baseball stadium until 1999




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very nice!

04:22 PM May 22 2007 |

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