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Date: Jul 27 2007

Themes: Fashion


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Not too long ago, tattoos were a source of stigma. It was harder to get a job or be treated with respect if your skin was covered in images. Of course, if you’ve got guns and naked ladies up and down your forearms and face, there are still some places that won’t hire you, but overall, tattoos are becoming more common and more accepted.

A lot of people have hidden tattoos that you can only see when they take their clothes off. Watch Amanda show off her tat to Kevin and listen to them talk about how getting tattoos can hurt.

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Kevin:  Hey do you have any tattoos?

Amanda:  I have two.

Kevin:  Oh yeah?

Amanda:  Wanna see?

Kevin:  Yeah, I’d love to.

Amanda:  I’ll show you one. Easiest access.

Kevin:  Oh my. Scandalous. It says “ACE”?

Amanda:  Yeah. That’s my initials...

Kevin:  Cool. I like it.

Amanda:  ...because I didn’t want to drop my maiden name, but I told my husband as a compromise I would put ‘E’ for his name on my back. Do you know what that part of your body is called?

Kevin:  It’s called the sacrum?

Amanda:  Sacrum! That’s right! It’s one of the most popular spots to get a tattoo, male or female.

Kevin:  I think it’s cool. Did it hurt? I mean, how was it?

Amanda:  If you’re on a part of your body that’s closest to the bone, it hurts like a…b-...like a b-. But if you get it somewhere squishier like on your abs or your inner thigh? Barely feel it.

Kevin:  So that hurt. Because there’s bone right there.

Amanda:  Absolutely. And the guy that went before me passed out. He was in the chair, passed out, fell down onto the ground. And I was laughing.

Kevin:  You’re kidding. That’s serious business. Did you pass out?

Amanda:  Of course not! No! I can’t wait to get another.

Kevin:  What’s next? Where?

Amanda:  I don’t know. I’m running out of spaces.



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Since Amanda’s tattoos are sort of hidden, Kevin didn’t even realize that she has two. On her back, Amanda has “ACE” which is her initials. The ‘E’ is for her husband’s last name, although she kept her own name as well.

Amanda’s ink is on the sacrum, the bony spot at the bottom of your back. She says it’s a really popular place to get a tattoo for both men and women. It’s a place that hurts a little though because tattoos on bones hurt. The guy who was getting a tattoo before Amanda at the tattoo parlor passed out from the pain.

Do you have any tattoos? If you could get anything anywhere what would you get?



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I don't like tattoo. It is vulgar to me. However, I saw a tv show when they explain why people want to have a tattoo. And surprisingly for me. Each tattoo has a story behind it. And by making a tattoo they want to remember that story or just get rid of the story. So now, although I don't like tattoo, I look at the people with tattoo from a different standpoint.

01:57 PM Jul 27 2007 |




Cool lesson,once upon a time i wanted have tattos but i gave up ta ll

01:19 PM Jul 27 2007 |

Johnny bai

Johnny bai


i cann't understand the word "scandalous" really mean in this dialog. any body help?

09:55 AM Jul 27 2007 |



I don´t like too. But for me the big problem is because there´s a risk of to get contaminated by virus and bacterias and is impossible to revove if you change your mind some years later.

09:29 AM Jul 27 2007 |

Echo Wang

Echo Wang


i don't like it. But if i were twenty years younger and when i grow up,  i will like it. hhhhhh

05:25 AM Jul 27 2007 |

Echo Wang

Echo Wang


i don't like it. But if i were twenty years younger and when i grow up,  i will like it. hhhhhh

05:24 AM Jul 27 2007 |




In my opinion, a naked body without tattoos of a splendid woman is much more artistic.

05:02 AM Jul 27 2007 |




Many people have chosen to get some tattoos inked on their body. I belive that many of them come in that way for it has became a new kind of fashion, and these just don't realize that there's no way back to get it erased from their body.

I've seen many guys whom had inked some girl's name on their body, and now their relationship is over and they can't remove it from their skin, for it's too dificult and sometimes almost impossible.

At first glance it seems to be all the way cool, but as everything in this crazy world, tattoo has its pros-and-cons, so we ought to be aware for it is serious business.

03:44 AM Jul 27 2007 |



cool lesson

03:21 AM Jul 27 2007 |




01:56 AM Jul 27 2007 |

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