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Augment your vocabulary - |

Augment your vocabulary - |

Date: Sep 16 2007

Topic: Vocabulary

Author: ganesh verma


abbreviate (v.) - to shorten, reduce
abduct (v.) - to kidnap
aberration (n.) - a deviation from the expected course
abhor (v.) - to hate, loathe
abide (v.) - to put up with, tolerate
abject (adj.) - of the most miserable or contemptible kind
abort (v.) - to give up unfinished
abridge (v.) - to shorten, cut down
abrogate (v.) - to abolish, often by authority
abscond (v.) - to sneak away and hide
abundant (adj.) - in great numbers
accede (v.) - to agree
accentuate (v.) - to emphasize, to highlight
accommodating (adj.) - obliging, helpful
accost (v.) - to approach or confront aggressively
acumen (n.) - keen insight
acute (adj.) - sharp, severe
affable (adj.) - friendly, amiable
affluent (adj.) - rich, wealthy
aggrandize (v.) - to increase or make greater
aggregate (v.) - to gather, amass
aghast (adj.) - struck by amazement or terror
agoraphobia (n.) - an abnormal fear of open or public places
akimbo (adj.) - with hands on hips and elbows extending outward
alacrity (n.) - speed, readiness
algid (adj.) - frigid, cold
allay (v.) - to sooth, assuage
alleviate (v.) - to relieve
aloof (adj.) - reserved, distant
altercation (n.) - an argument, dispute
amalgamation (n.) - a union, a merger
ambivalent (adj.) - having contradictory feelings
amble (v.) - to stroll, walk
ameliorate (v.) - to improve, to make better
amend (v.) - to change for the better, improve
amiable (adj.) - friendly, affable
amorous (adj.) - relating to or showing love
amorphous (adj.) - without shape or borders
anomaly (n.) - something that does not fit into the normal order
antechamber (n.) - a waiting room
anxiety (n.) - uneasiness
aphorism (n.) - a short saying
apocalypse (n.) - total devastation, the end of the world
apparitional (adj.) - ghostly, spectral
arbitrator (n.) - one who settles controversy between two sides
ascetic (n.) - one who practices restraint as a means of self-discipline, usually religious
assuage (v.) - to ease, pacify
atone (v.) - to apologize, make amends
audacious (adj.) - excessively bold
augment (v.) - to increase or make larger
austere (adj.) - very bare, bleak, simple
baleful (adj.) - harmful, threatening
bard (n.) - a poet, often a singer as well
battery (n.) - an assault or an array of similar things intended for use together
belligerent (adj.) - contentious, ready to fight
benevolent (adj.) - kind, good, caring
benign (adj.) - non-threatening, innocuous
berate (v.) - to scold severely
bereft (adj.) - without, devoid of
bide (v.) - to wait, or remain in a condition
bilk (v.) - to cheat, to swindle
blandish (v.) - to coax through flattery
bloated (adj.) - swollen, bigger than desired
boisterous (adj.) - loud, energetic
bourgeois (adj.) - middle class
brash (adj.) - hasty or lacking in sensitivity
brazen (adj.) - excessively bold, brash
brumal (adj.) - wintry, relating to winter
brusque (adj.) - short, abrupt, dismissive
buffet (n.) - a spread of food involving choices
buffet (v.) - to hit or strike
burgeon (v.) - to come forth, blossom    ...



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mohamad .g

Iran, Islamic Republic Of


12:47 PM Nov 28 2010 |


Viet Nam

I don't know use this program.Can u help me?

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02:14 PM Nov 05 2010 |



Thanks for the word list.You can find more of them at www.grevocabulary.org I hope you will find them all useful.Good Luck.

02:48 PM Apr 03 2009 |

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