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Crush on a Friend

Crush on a Friend

Date: Oct 05 2007

Themes: Friend, Romance


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Have you ever been out with a friend, someone you see all the time and never thought of dating, and suddenly that person looks really good to you? You never noticed it before, but now that you think about it, your friend is hot. And you’re already friends so you know you get along. You start to wonder: is my friend attracted to me too? What if we had a relationship together?

Amanda asks her friend Mason what he does when he has a crush on a friend. What do you think is really on Amanda’s mind? Why is she asking Mason about this?


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Amanda:  Mason?

Mason:  Um-hm.

Amanda:  Have you ever had a crush on a friend?

Mason:  Tons!

Amanda:  And what do you do about it?

Mason:  Uh…

Amanda:  Do you take action?

Mason:  Sometimes. Little bit of column A, a little bit of column B.

Amanda:  So what are some of the factors that determine whether or not you share your crush or just keep it bottled inside and cry at home in the corner?

Mason:  Well one, it depends on how sober I am at the time. A lot. Two, sometimes it just feels like there’s a moment there and you gotta make a play. Sometimes it just kind of stays in the background forever.

Amanda:  Do you think that you have to pick up on some vibe from them to share it with them? Or, do you think that when you have a crush you just share it with the world, get it off your back…

Mason:  No.

Amanda:  ...move on with your life. Now she knows.

Mason:  No. Not in general. It’s not just a like…It’s not like a résumé or something. It’s not like, “Hey, you know what I did today? I had a crush on you.” It’s not like, “I picked up a new CD at Target.” No.

Amanda:  I think that it could be that way. I think that it’s kind of cool to share that feeling with anyone.

Mason:  Well that’s because you want to have tabs on everybody.

Amanda:  Just…why not let them know, so that it’s in their court and they can do whatever they want? Why not let them know?

Mason:  What if they don’t like me anymore?

Amanda:  Then you know they don’t like you. Then it’s done. You move on. Right?



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Mason says that he has had crushes on a lot of his friends, and sometimes he acts on those crushes and sometimes he doesn’t. Naturally, if he’s drunk, he’s more inclined to act on the crush than if he’s sober.

He also says that sometimes there is a moment that seems like the perfect time to make a move. But other times, he never does anything about his crush.

Amanda asks if Mason would ever tell a friend he has a crush on her just to get it off his chest. He says he doesn’t think that’s a very good idea because you don’t know if your friend feels the same way.

Have you ever had a crush on a friend? Do you think that Amanda is secretly trying to tell Mason that she has a crush on him?



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07:59 AM Sep 12 2010 |




yea it really happens between friends

03:49 AM Sep 01 2010 |

alfredo tavares



07:35 PM Aug 15 2010 |



I don't believe that love can grown from friendship, not ideally. There are much more things that involves a relationship between a man and a woman than only friendship, like physical attraction, passion, chemistry, and you don't have it for your friend and you won't have. The only love that you can have for your friend is as human being. So often what happens is you like your friend for a long time or maybe for the first time, but for some reason you didn't do anything but only got friend of him/her. No matter how it happened, you are in a really bad shape now, just because absolutely, like 97% of the time he/she only like you as a friend for the reasons mentioned above. You can deal with unrequited love, by forgetting the person, but when that person is your friend you can't, and you have to live with it for a long time until it begins to damage the friendship, and you have to keep away from that person.  So given the high percentage of failure, you shouldn't tell him/her. It meaningless.  

05:50 PM May 20 2010 |



I believe that it's not gonna happen anything but suffering and confusing. It's because friends are like sisters or brothers. If you have something more than friendship with your very good friend, it's kinda like incest.  

04:49 PM May 20 2010 |





I had a crush on a friend.. and it was so strange because we just are friends and then we like each other..oh my gosh! so I tried to dissapear that feeling and now we are just friends and it`s so good….:)




04:22 AM Mar 26 2010 |




Having a crush on your friend is a bit risky.They've known you as a friend but you think otherwise. You treat your friend like a very special person. But when the time comes and you get your feelings off your chest, there's gonna be a fifty-fifty chance whether your crush will say that he/she likes you back, or he/she might tell you that it's better off if you'll just stay as friends.  Or worse, your crush might ignore you! (EEEPP!!!) So… before you confess your true feelings to your special someone…. you better think of it first before you make a move.

06:29 AM Mar 05 2010 |



When i was a college student, i crushed on my deskmate,he is handsome ,especially i love his smile,so sweet,just like a baby,and he is good at playing basketball,so many girls crazy of him,for me it's a good memory.

04:55 AM Jan 22 2010 |



yess I had…but I had a crush on a friend…and he was the boyfriend of my best friend!!...and he had a crush on me too…but finally we couldn't start a relationship because of her…I think that friendship is the first!



10:59 AM Jan 11 2010 |



well I have never experienced that kind of crush on a friend but some of my friends here had gone into it years ago and they are still okay until now coz love is so powerful and strange. We never know how love will appear between us or between friend but  anyway how come it does we gotta focus on our relationship so that we could lead a happy and satisfactory life.  

09:22 AM Sep 25 2009 |




Honestly i had a huge crush on my friend..but this was few years ago and today is just a friend.

Because friendship is more important¡

Sometimes you like someone but that person doesn't like you¡...so try to keep the friendship, maybe he or she  not gonna be your lover (bf/gf) , but gonna be a good friend.


01:22 PM Aug 17 2009 |



hmm…be determenant,,,,,its the matter of life…so care of your life…and make the love at once in your life…

10:26 AM Aug 06 2009 |



I think to say "crush on a friend " to someone that you might like him is so difficult. That dependences on one's culture.

10:55 AM Feb 27 2009 |



Having a crush on friends is not so easy to show your feelings and then you can lose your friends for ever. But if you are in love you can grap this oportunity.

10:33 AM Feb 27 2009 |




yeah,i think there is risk to lose a friend,sometime,if you tell them but they don't agree,there must be kinda wired,one of mine friend got a crush on me and i can't help my way to treat him as before. but i also lost some chances

06:22 AM Feb 10 2009 |



United States

hummm…so who is THIS friend ya have a biiiiiiig crush on anyhows huh

anyhows donchu marry honey…oooops sorry donchu worry coz crushes amongst teenagersLaughing is as common as catching a COLD

y'all have a good one dears

06:28 PM Oct 01 2008 |





01:46 PM Sep 28 2008 |





01:26 PM Sep 28 2008 |




Waawoooo.. i am waiting for some one to have a crush on me,,,,,,,i will anounce it to express my happiness and love to her.

09:42 AM May 05 2008 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

nothing won,t happen.we can explain our feelings towards her/him. whatever happens,it s our real life because every thing will be more transparent.so why not?i won't be embarrassed at all.once i didn't tell her.after12years she asked me about that(when she was married with 2 children)she told me,she had husband that never she has not loved him.and i(shahrara) couldn't  love any'''other'''girl because always her love 's been in my heart. if I love  s.b. else ,i won't make such a life-burning mistake again.i won't be coward

04:24 PM Apr 28 2008 |

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