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 Number Idioms

Number Idioms

Date: Oct 01 2007

Topic: Idioms and Slang

Author: hoda61


 Have one over the eight If a person has had one over the eight, they are slightly drunk.
 "Don't listen to him.  You can see he's had one over eight!"
 At the eleventh hour If something happens at the eleventh hour,  it happens when it is almost too late,
 or at the last possible moment.
 "Our team won after they scored a goal at the eleventh hour."
 Have (or get)  forty winks If you have forty winks, you have a short sleep or rest, generally during the day.
 "Dad likes to have forty winks after a game of golf."
 On all fours If you are on all fours, you are down on your hands and knees.
"When I arrived, he was on all fours playing with his grandchildren."
 A chance in a million A chance in a million is a very small chance or no chance at all that something
 will happen.
 Look/feel like a million dollars If you look/feel like a million dollars, you look/feel extremely good.
With a tan and a new hairstyle, she looked like a million dollars."
 Never in a million years This expression means "absolutely never"
 "I will never in a million years understand why Anne married Bob."
 Nine-day wonder  An event which is a nine-day wonder causes interest, surprise or excitement
 for a short time, but it doesn't last.
 "His sudden departure was a nine-day wonder but he was soon forgotten."
 Be on cloud nine A person who is on cloud nine is very happy because something wonderful has
 "When the boss announced my promotion, I was on cloud nine!"
 Dressed up to the nines To describe someone as dressed up  to the nines means that they are wearing
 very smart or glamorous clothes. 
 "Caroline musts be going to a party - she's dressed up to the nines!"
 Be in seventh heaven If you are in seventh heaven, you are extremely happy.
 "Every time she wins a match she's in seventh heaven!"
 Six of one and half a dozen of the other This expression means that there's no real difference between two choices;
 both are equally good or equally bad.
 At sixes and sevens If someone is at sixes and sevens, they are in a a state of confusion or not very
 well organized.
 A thousand times This expresses exasperation at having to constantly repeat the same thing.
 "I've told you a thousand times to wipe your feet before coming in!"
 Catch twenty two A catch 22 situation  refers to a frustrating situation where you need to do one thing
 before doing a second, and you cannot do the second before doing the first.
 " I can't get a job without a work permit, and I can't get a work permit without a job.
It's a catch 22 situation!"
 Two can play at that game.This expression is used to tell someone that you can behave towards them
 in the same unpleasant way that they have been behaving towards you.
 Two's company ... (three's a crowd)   This is said of two people, particularly lovers, who would prefer to be alone
 together than to have someone else with them.
 "Would you like to come to the cinema with us?"
"I'd rather not, thanks. Two's company..."
 Two left feet If you have two left feet, you are clumsy or awkward in your movements.
 In two minds If you are in two minds about something, you have difficulty deciding what to do.
"I'm in two minds about whether or not to accept the offer."
 Two peas in a pod To say that two people are like two peas in a pod means that they are
 very similar in appearance.
 "It wasn't difficult to identify the brothers  - they were like two peas in a pod!"
 It takes two to tango  You say this when you think that a difficult situation or argument
 cannot be the fault of one person alone
"OK, we've heard Jack's side of the story - but it takes two to tango!"
 Put two and two together To put two and two together means to reach the correct
 conclusion based on the information that you have.


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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i can't find something to describe you

you are everywhere

you know everything

you are all the time

you are tireless 

you are the best


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smile its kool stuff

06:43 PM Oct 01 2007 |




ya  ur  right tineee07Wink

it's raining cats and dogs means Raining very heavily.

04:53 PM Oct 01 2007 |



It has rained cats and dogs means raining heavily

03:45 PM Oct 01 2007 |

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