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Heteronyms No 2

Heteronyms No 2

Date: Oct 02 2007

Topic: Vocabulary

Author: rhyme_reason


Deliberate diLIBerit- carefully considered; diLIBerATE- to consider

Desert dihZURT- to leave ; DEZert- arid region (18, and below)

Digest DYEjest- collection of published material; dieJEST- absorb nutrients

Do DOO- to accomplish; DOE- a musical note

Does DUZ- performs; DOZE- more than one female deer  

Dove DUV- a bird; DOEV- jumped off

Drawer DROR- the compartment you pull out from the dresser; DRAWer- one who draws

Excuse EKskyooz- to let someone off; EKskyoos- a reason or explanation

House HAUS- a building that serves as living quarters; HOWZ- to provide with living quarters

Incense INsens- burnt aromatic; inSENS- to make angry

Intern INtern- a physician in training; inTERN- confine to prescribed area

Invalid inVALLid- not valid; INvallid- an ill person

Laminate LAMinate- to construct by adding layers; LAMinit [although both pronunciations are listed]- the cover itself

Lather (rhymes with rather)- foam or suds; (rhymes with bath fur)- a worker who installs lath (lattice work)  

Lead LEED- to guide; LED- a metallic element

Minute MINNit- 60 seconds; myNOOT- tiny

Moderate MODerit- keeping within reason; MODerATE- to preside over

Mow MOH- to cut grass; MAU- a pile of hay

Multiply MULLtihPLIE- multiply two numbers; MULLtihplee- in a multiple manner

Number NUMber- one, two, three …; NUMMER- more numb [many dictionaries do not list this use, which suggests that "more numb" is preferred; however, the listed use is given in The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Third Edition, Electronic version.]

Nun NUN- women in religious order; NOON- 14th letter in Hebrew alphabet

Object ubJEKT- to complain; AHBjekt- a thing


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