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Shopping: Japanese  Style

Shopping: Japanese Style

Date: Oct 23 2000


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

After living in Japan, John likes to eat Japanese food as much as possible. Recently, he went to a famous Japanese supermarket in Portland. Here, he tells Migs about it.


1. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.




Migs:  Hey, where’d you get all this Japanese food?

John:  Oh, I finally made it out to that store in Beaverton called Uwajimaya.

Migs:  What is it? It’s like a big Japanese grocery store?

John:  You’ve never heard of it? It’s that place that’s just like a Japanese supermarket. It has everything you could ever want from Japan.

Migs:  Does it have those tasty noodles that you cook with the vegetables?

John:  This place has everything. It has noodles, it has sushi, it has fish, it has, you know, everything. It has all the soap and shampoo and snacks and all that stuff I love.

Migs:   So, what are you going to make tonight?

John:   I don’t know. I’m looking over all this stuff and it’s, uh, looking like a big task. Why don’t we just go out for some sushi?

Migs:  You know a good place?

John:  Well, Zach was just talking about this place downtown where, uh, this little train drives around on the counter and delivers the sushi to you. That sounds kinda cool.

Migs:   Sure, let’s go there. Is it cheap?

John:   Uh, it sounds like it, but it probably won’t taste very good. It might be, some of the dishes might be kinda nasty, but… We’ll try to hook you up with some natto. Remember that, that fermented beans…

Migs:  That stuff is gross! I can’t believe people actually eat it. It’s like, uh, rotten bean paste. It’s horrible.

John:   Yeah, but besides that, you know, Japanese food is really good. Let’s go there, around 8:00 or something.

Migs:  Sounds cool to me.


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I was pretty happy to find this supermarket. Living in the U.S., I have a hard time finding Japanese food. Now I know where to go. The biggest problem is that it’s hard to find it cheap. But, that’s the same as it was in Japan. Do you like Japanese food? What’s your favorite foreign food? Please visit the “Life Goes On” message board and tell everyone about it! See ya. —John Row3” src=”../../Test/newhome1/shim.gif” width=”1” height=”57” border=”0”>


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