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Some Mispronounced Words and Phrases in English!

Some Mispronounced Words and Phrases in English!

Date: Oct 08 2007

Topic: Pronunciation

Author: Ocean-SA


Here are some English words and Phrases that are usually mispronounced..


Don't sayDo SayComment
BidnessBusinessThe change of [s] to [d] before [n] is spreading throughout the US and when the unaccented [I] drops from this word the [s] finds itself in the same environment as in "isn't" and "wasn't."
a blessing in the skiesa blessing in disguiseThis phrase is no blessing if it comes from the skies. (Pronounce it correctly and help maintain the disguise.)
Old-timer's diseaseAlzheimer's diseaseWhile it is a disease of old-timers, it is named for the German neurologist, Dr. Alois Alzheimer.
CloseClothesThe [th] is a very soft sound likely to be overlooked. Show your linguistic sensitivity and always pronounce it.
duck tapeduct tapeDucks very rarely need taping though you may not know that ducts always do—to keep air from escaping through the cracks in them.
aksaskThis mispronunciation has been around for so long (over 1,000 years) that linguist Mark Aronoff thinks we should cherish it as a part of our linguistic heritage. Most of us would give the axe to "aks."
MuteMootThe definition of "moot" is moot (open to debate) but not the pronunciation: [mut] and not [myut].
OftenOfenWe have mastered the spelling of this word so well, its spelling influences the pronunciation: DON'T pronounce the [t]! This is an exception to the rule that spelling helps pronunciation.
SnuckSneakedI doubt we will get "snuck" out of the language any time soon but here is a reminder that it really isn't a word.
SuitSuiteIf you don't wear it (a suit [sut]), then it is a suite [sweet], as in a living room suite or a suite of rooms.






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♥ Øcean PuLse ♥


thanx a million

10:37 AM Apr 12 2011 |



gr8 thanx

01:25 PM Nov 21 2007 |



Hi Ocean, just wanna make it clear.. For the word "often", both can be pronounced as "often" and "ofen".. It only depends on what accent do u use.. If u use US English u may say "ofen", however in Britain English, u say "often"... I`ve once heard from CD while I was listening, the narrator say "often" instead of "ofen"... While I checked dictionary, both were true…

05:57 PM Oct 15 2007 |



realm and verb and shun and sin..

05:12 PM Oct 15 2007 |

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