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Drive-In No More

Drive-In No More

Date: Oct 17 2007

Themes: Hobbies


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Compared to a lot of other countries, land is pretty abundant in the United States. In the 1950s and ‘60s, land was inexpensive enough that drive-in theaters were profitable. These outdoor theaters had a huge screen that people would pay to park their cars in front of. The sound of the movie was broadcast over the radio to the car stereos or played on little speakers between the parking spaces like the one shown in the picture.

But, of course, to have a theater for cars required a lot of land, and as land got more expensive it became harder to have a drive-in that made any money. But that’s only one reason why these uniquely American landmarks began to disappear. Listen to Mason and Devan speculate about some other reasons for why almost all the drive-ins are gone.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Mason:  Have you been to the drive-in? Like the one left in Oregon?

Devan:  No.

Mason:  Yeah, they do ‘em at sundown. It’s like a double feature, too.

Devan:  I was just talking to someone the other day about why there isn’t drive-in theaters anymore and their reasoning, why they think they kind of went out, is because the drive-in was a place for kids to go to make out when, like, public displays of affection in young relationships was still taboo, but they said that that was like the place to go, but now that it’s more acceptable for kids…

Mason:  Kids always need places to make out, though. I don’t accept that as valid reasoning. I’m thinking it’s more just the death, or downplaying of our car culture. You know?

Devan:  You think so?

Mason:  Cars are still a big deal and status icons, but not the way that they were when the drive-in was around.

Devan:  I would love to go to a drive-in theater. I think that’d be really fun. I wish they still had them everywhere. I would totally go.

Mason:  There’s the one. The one. It’s like our drive-in Mecca.



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Mason asks Devan if she’s ever visited the only drive-in theater in Oregon. She hasn’t.

She and a friend of hers came up with the idea that drive-ins disappeared because teenagers used to use them as places to make out. When it became more acceptable for teens to kiss in public, they stopped going to the drive-in.

Mason doesn’t believe that had anything to do with the decline of drive-ins. He thinks that since what car you drive doesn’t carry as much social weight as it did in the 1950s, people stopped going to drive-ins to show off their nice cars.

Talking about drive-ins makes Devan want to go to one. Would you like to go to a drive-in? Have you ever been to one? Do they have them where you live?



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Viet Nam

hello every body.

nice to meet you.

03:27 AM Nov 17 2011 |




Really! BeiJing & NanJing have a drive-ins? I never know this, first time I know car movies is from the song <<Casablanca>>, I think that is romantic too, having private room, can seat any posture or eat or speak, never mind will disturb others, that is good!

12:45 AM Oct 24 2007 |



yes ı think it was wonderful if you are with me

06:23 PM Oct 23 2007 |



Russian Federation

It’s a perfect idea to have such drive-in theaters. I wish they were in russia too.

04:13 PM Oct 23 2007 |




i love drive without song



09:19 AM Oct 23 2007 |





07:23 AM Oct 23 2007 |

pink hu

pink hu

Saudi Arabia


04:26 AM Oct 22 2007 |






08:14 AM Oct 21 2007 |

1 person likes this

Eckhard Engel


we have a drive in near frankfurt. In July I watched there a movie for the first time. it was pretty cool as we watched death proof and it was raining sometimes.

03:24 PM Oct 20 2007 |

Eckhard Engel


We have a drive in near Frankfurt. I was there in July for the first time. It was pretty cool although there was some rain. But it fit to the movie "Death proof"

03:07 PM Oct 20 2007 |


South Korea

there has drive in theater in my country. But I have never been there watching movie, because I don’t have a car. If I buy a car I’ll go to there with my girl friend.

10:43 AM Oct 19 2007 |




this is my first time to know the word "make out" I hope to learn something more

I 'd like to have friend to talk to

contact me

02:55 AM Oct 19 2007 |

Sulaiman Abdullah


This lesson is packed with usefull information, it excelled my expectation, as I thought it is merely for biginners.

06:11 PM Oct 18 2007 |




Drive-ins is the great.And i agree that it is not normal forbid young generation to public displays and affection.

09:32 AM Oct 18 2007 |




Coolhi im juntxt had drive-ins in USA…..

08:37 AM Oct 18 2007 |



i havent been to any drive-in theatre

07:31 AM Oct 18 2007 |



Drive-in theaters sounds readlly cool! I'd like to go, if there is one in Seattle. I think watching movie in the car is romantic, especially with special person. While you can watch the show, you can enjoy the outside view as well.

06:53 AM Oct 18 2007 |



Russian Federation

Hello everyone!

Frankly, I have never heard of drive-in theatres! This is absolutely new for me. And, honestly, I don't see the reason of visiting it! If I want to show off with my car, I'd do in another way. Moreover, I'd just drive and people see my car. Secondly, making out… in my opinion, seating in a car is not the best way to spent your free time. Nowdays we have so many really interesing opportunities to use time!

05:01 AM Oct 18 2007 |

Josh K

Josh K



01:39 AM Oct 18 2007 |



i've never heard of a drive in. i nvr thought of ths kind a theatre but it seems too romantic to watch a movie in a drive in.if got a chance i'll definitely want to be there.

05:02 PM Oct 17 2007 |

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