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Ocean's Thirteen

Ocean's Thirteen

Date: Oct 24 2007

Themes: Pop Culture, Romance


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

It’s hard to find a big Hollywood film these days with no love story, and it’s hard to imagine a cast of male actors stronger than Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Matt Damon, and Al Pacino. But Ocean’s Thirteen, the second follow-up to crime thriller Ocean’s Eleven, has all those dudes and more, and none of them is romancing any female stars.

It sounds like it could be a fresh take on the Hollywood blockbuster, but Mason thinks that the movie, while fun, lacks the balance and charm of the other installments of the series.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Mason:  I don’t know if you’re into the big, multi-star blockbuster thing, but I saw Ocean’s Thirteen a couple of weeks ago.

Devan:  Oh, Brad Pitt.

Mason:  Yeah. I just kinda was thinkin’ about it because it’s got a pretty good soundtrack. The soundtrack to all of those are really good. The guy who does it, um…no, I just don’t remember. It’s the guy who Steven Soderbergh works really closely with though. But, have you seen any of them?

Devan:  I saw the first one and I liked it.

Mason:  Yeah, the first one was really good.

Devan:  I didn’t see the other two. How did you like the newest one?

Mason:  They’re all really fun. You can tell it’s the kind of movie, like all these big actors are getting together just because they want to goof around and have a good time. And that comes through. But there’s no female characters in this one.

Devan:  Is Julia Roberts in it?

Mason:  No she’s not. And Catherine Zeta-Jones was in the second one along with Julia Roberts, but there was one female actress in the whole thing and she was a second-tier star. So it just didn’t have anything to balance the testosterone.

Devan:  There’s no love story mixed in with it?

Mason:  No. Not really.

Devan:  But isn’t that kind of cool though, don’t you think?

Mason:  That there’s no love story?

Devan:  Yeah. Doesn’t that make it kind of different that there isn’t that element?

Mason:  I mean, it certainly is different, but it didn’t feel as good for it.



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Mason was reminded of Ocean’s Thirteen, which he saw a few weeks ago, because he still listens to the soundtrack. Devan is only familiar with the first movie in the series, Ocean’s Eleven, so Mason tells her a little bit about the new movie.

She’s surprised to learn that Julia Roberts isn’t in the latest installment of the series. She’s a little excited to hear that there’s no love story, but Mason says he misses the female characters.

Can you think of another big movie without a love story? Do you think it’s possible to make a good movie when all the big stars are male?



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ı learn many words from the film its great

11:59 PM Oct 28 2007 |



Russian Federation

I think that there are another kind of films: some need of love story some needn't.

11:35 PM Oct 27 2007 |




what about this ,why englishbaby sends me email says that someone reply.

10:18 PM Oct 27 2007 |




the love story is important for a movie but not necessary.of course a little love story will  incrase attraction about a movie.and i think the most important is originality.if you watch a movie with a similar gut.onbody will like it

03:55 PM Oct 27 2007 |






04:42 AM Oct 27 2007 |




yes ,i like stories with love.

03:50 AM Oct 27 2007 |



I can't agree you more , a person without dream is really lamentable . And love story always make us dreamfor  romantic love ,a white prince of your own ,a happy life ,someting like this .

02:06 AM Oct 27 2007 |


United Arab Emirates

I like to see action movies but some love in it make it interestingSmile.


06:15 PM Oct 26 2007 |




I watched three/all of the Ocean’s series….well, the first one was really really chill, but as it goes on, you kinda feel the cast, the plot…everything is much too plastic

05:32 PM Oct 26 2007 |

Candy hui


it is special that it doesn't add love element. I like this kind of movies,including love stories.

01:46 PM Oct 26 2007 |




It' s very important to dream nowaday! and love story help us to do it

09:09 AM Oct 26 2007 |



I love Brad Pitt and his movie, especially i like the movie TROY best.

06:36 AM Oct 26 2007 |



it is a great film because it has action, fun,  and    has the best actors of hollywood. i will hope that make other part of the movie

05:50 PM Oct 25 2007 |



Well, I did not saw the movie.so I have no any idea for this matter

01:39 PM Oct 25 2007 |



i have never seen male story film in my life..

09:18 AM Oct 25 2007 |




love story ,,theme song ,good movie lies on itself

08:13 AM Oct 25 2007 |

yang yang xu


1. In my opinion, I don't agree that if there is no main female character in the movie, there is no love in story. For example, "Brokeback Mountain" is a movie which are two main male characters.

2. I'm not gambler, but I like watching these kinds of movies. It's very exciting. You must watch those movies with a high-speed beat heart. Meanwhile, I admire these handsome men. They look perfect, and I think they must have a lot of fans always be with them.

03:01 AM Oct 25 2007 |



they speak so fast….................

12:36 AM Oct 25 2007 |




It will be different if there was no love story.Therefore, they will focus more on the thrill and action, which is good thing. We get bored of stupid love stories

03:33 PM Oct 24 2007 |

lost soul

lost soul

United States

i love brad bit

03:20 PM Oct 24 2007 |

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