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Still, yet and already   ,,,,,,, Any more / any longer / no longer

Still, yet and already ,,,,,,, Any more / any longer / no longer

Date: Oct 15 2007

Topic: Grammar

Author: alshehri2005



We use still to say that a situation or action is continuing. It hasn't changed or stopped:

  • It's 10 o'clock and Abdullah is still in bed.
  • When I went to bed, Mohammed was still working.
  • Do u still want to go to the party or have you changed your mind?

Still usually goes in the middle of the sentence with the verb.


       Any more / any longer / no longer  

We use notany more or not…. Any longer to say that a situation has changed. Any more and any longer go at the end of a sentence:

·         Sara doesn't work here any more ( or any longer ). She left last month.

( not ' Sara doesn't still work here' )

·         We used to be good friends but we aren't any more ( or any longer ).

You can also use no longer. No longer goes in the middle of the sentence:

·         Sara no longer works here.

Note that we do not normally use no more in this way:

·         We are no longer friends. ( not' we are no more friends' )


Compare still and not… any more:

·         Fatima still works here but Sara doesn't work here any more.



Yet =' until now'. We use yet mainly in negative sentences ( I haven't finished yet) and questions (Have you finished yet?). yet shows that the speaker is expecting to happen.

Yet usually goes at the end of sentence:

·         It's 10 o'clock and Abdullah hasn't got up yet.

·         I'm hungry. Is dinner ready yet?

·         We don't know where we are going for our holidays yet.


We often use yet with present perfect ( Have you finished yet?).

Compare yet and still:

·         Abdullah lost his job a year ago and is still unemployed.

Abdullah lost his job a year ago and hasn't found another job yet.

·         Is it still raining?

Has it stopped raining yet?

Still is also possible in negative sentences(before the negative):

·         She said she would be here an hour ago and she still hasn't come.

This is similar to 'she hasn't come yet'. But still.. not shows a stronger feeling of surprise or impatience. Compare:

·         I wrote to him last week. He hasn't replied yet. (but I expect he will reply soon).

·         I wrote to him months ago and he still hasn't replied. (he should have replied before now)



We use already to say that something happened sooner than expected. Already usually goes in the middle of a sentence:

·         ' When is Sara going on holiday?'    ' She has already gone.' (= sooner than you expected)

·         Shell I tell Fatima the news or does she already know?

·         I've only just had lunch and I'm already hungry.

  English Grammar in use By: Raymond Murpphy


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United Kingdom

thank's …

08:18 AM Oct 17 2007 |



it is very nice.


07:03 AM Oct 17 2007 |



 hai, its very useful for me, I thank you very much to know about these words if any mistakes is there please correct it.   Thank you

05:29 AM Oct 17 2007 |



I found this website because I'm learning English at University. In my English subject there was a link to this website… it's really useful, I just want to say THANK YOU. I'm from Mexico, I'm 24 years old. Please if I made spelling mistakes, would you be so kind to correct them?. Smile

04:49 AM Oct 17 2007 |



Saudi Arabia

many thanks for your efforts..

02:55 AM Oct 17 2007 |




thank u very musch. this is very useful.

09:45 PM Oct 16 2007 |



helpfull grammar to us,you are knowledgable,thanks giving many aspects of that let me understand exactly

10:41 AM Oct 16 2007 |




thanks u very much

09:38 AM Oct 16 2007 |



thanks very much it's so helpful thanks once again


09:30 AM Oct 16 2007 |


United Kingdom

nice lessons!
Thanks for sharing it.

01:11 AM Oct 16 2007 |

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