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Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding

Date: Nov 09 2007

Themes: Hobbies, Pets


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

As little as one hundred years ago, most Americans rode a horse every day. Now many people go their whole lives without getting in the saddle. For people who live in cities, it’s a special occasion to ride a horse. It reminds of a simpler time when animals were more a part of our lives.

Devan recently got in the saddle and held the reins for the first time in her life. Listen to her tell Marni about it.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Devan:  So over spring break I rode a horse for the first time in my life.

Marni:  Really? The first time ever?

Devan:  First time ever. It was so scary.

Marni:  Was it?

Devan:  When you watch in the movies, it looks like it’s all fun, you’re just galloping...It’s really really scary and it takes a lot of physical strength. I never would have thought. I was so sore afterwards. Have you ever rode a horse?

Marni:  I haven’t ridden one in years and growing up it was that whole cliché that girls love horses and I never got into that whole thing. I remember being terrified myself, riding them, “These things are too odd. I can’t figure ‘em out.”

Devan:  Yeah, like the trail we went on, it wasn’t, like, the horse trails where you’re just walking across a grassy field, tied nose to tail with a bunch of other people, this was off the beaten path, just going up the mountain. But it was actually a lot of fun. I was really surprised. I never thought I’d be a horse person either.

Marni:  So you think you’ll do it again?

Devan:  I think so. I have to conquer my fear. You should try it.

Marni:  I should try it. I should get over my fear of the horse.



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During spring break, Devan rode a horse for the first time in her life. She thought it was really scary. It wasn’t as easy as it looks in the movies. It required a lot of strength and wore her out.

Marni hasn’t ridden a horse in years, but also remembers being pretty scared when she rode one. She thinks it’s funny because there’s a common general belief that all young girls like to ride horses.

When Devan rode a horse it was exciting because she got to ride off the trail. A lot of times people go for horseback rides and they are led by a guide slowly down a path. It’s kind of boring. But Devan’s ride wasn’t like that at all.

Have you ever ridden a horse? Did you think it was fun?



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Syrian Arab Republic

this lesson is so good i like it i realy like it a lot

07:41 AM Nov 13 2007 |



i am born in the year of horse.and i like the horse very much.i think it is very exciting to ride a horse especially with my beloved one.

02:17 AM Nov 13 2007 |


United States

i have never ridden horse but i think it will be intersting if i try it even once.

12:14 AM Nov 13 2007 |




I really like horse riding!! Especially in western style!!

09:24 PM Nov 12 2007 |



i was rode the the horse in the last year it was realy

enjoying times

06:20 PM Nov 12 2007 |




06:08 PM Nov 12 2007 |



hi, how are u

06:05 PM Nov 12 2007 |



Russian Federation

I know what it’s mean a horse ridding…It’s wonderful…)) It’s very kind animals)) who hasn’t ever ridden try do it!!! you will be delight:))
good luck!:)

02:28 PM Nov 12 2007 |




I have never ridden a horse,but I think you should have a frightening sentiment when you are in the rains because this kind of feeling I had when I have first ridden a camel.I was so scaryed!

12:50 PM Nov 12 2007 |



I have never ridden a horse because I feel unsafe on them. Perphaps I can try to do it someday… It may be horse riding by the sea… I think it is more relaxing and peaceful…

01:36 AM Nov 12 2007 |



this topic is hot!

12:44 AM Nov 12 2007 |



I've ridden horses many times in my life. I think the last time I rode one was on a rainy day. I remember being at a country school, two hours away from the nearest town. Neither cars not even vans could come to fetch us, the teachers, to return to our houses because the roads were very muddy;my house, by the way, was four hours away. So, one of the older students whose parents lived in the area, offered to lend a young horse to those of us who wanted to do the trip on horseback to town. Of course, as I had got married a short time before and the prospect of staying another day far from my husband was not the most interesting, I decided to start on that unusual journey on a horse, under the rain, to reach the next bus to my hometown. It was really a most rewarding experience, and one which I will remember for a long time.

11:34 PM Nov 11 2007 |

gustavo mendoza


how can you get control yours nerves?

06:53 PM Nov 11 2007 |

gustavo mendoza


 i have never ridden a horse, because i think is difficult take the horse control, and how can reaction the horse. but i guest that i can try it

06:51 PM Nov 11 2007 |




i missed riding my horses MÜJDAT and TAYFUN.i love them

06:41 PM Nov 11 2007 |




i love horses and i love riding .when i was at universty we had a horses clup and we had 4 horses.i learned riding a horse there after  i improved my riding  and started to teach it other members.one day while i was  showing  some rules to my studants on the horse i fallen down unluckly . it was very funny :)) 

06:36 PM Nov 11 2007 |



I made mistake with the stars, the lesson is great.
I last ridden a horse when I was little too.

06:11 PM Nov 11 2007 |




it is really nice, learnt many from it. thanking you very much.

03:12 PM Nov 11 2007 |



I just rode a horse to take a picture beneath the stream when I traveled.I wish one day I'm able to ride a horse and take the reins although it's not a piece of a cake.

03:09 PM Nov 11 2007 |

Eric zhang


  Horseback ridding is very fantastic, especially children. But sometimes they feel scared just like Davin in this dialogue. I remembed that I rode it when I was ten years old. For fun, I took phones in the horseback, but  the horse suddenly became impatient because of unknown reasons. I fell down, which gave me deep impression till now. Even in long time, I didn't dare to tough horses when we visited the zoos. Now I don't know why I fell down from the horseback. hAHA .

02:57 PM Nov 11 2007 |

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