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Livin' at Home

Livin' at Home

Date: Dec 11 2020

Themes: Family

Grammar: You're vs. Your


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When angry, American fathers commonly shout, “As soon as you’re 18, you’re on your own means a lot. It means you’re a legal adult, and, more often than not, people move out of their parents’ home when they are 18.

...And some of them come back or never leave at all. Adults live with their parents for lots of reasons. Sometimes their parents need care, or they need a place to stay to save up money after college. Even though it’s relatively common, people tend to look down on adults who live with their parents in the United States. Listen to Beren and Marni talk about it.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Marni:  So I was reading that Time Magazine article recently about when you…Like, people in their 30s and moving back in with their parents…

Beren:  Yeah, that’s a huge thing.

Marni:  Yeah, and I was thinking, you know, in this culture, there’s such a stigma against living with your parents past a certain age. Like, you’re sort of viewed as a failure or something. But in many cultures, in many places in the world it’s pretty normal to live with your family.

Beren:  Yeah, you don’t move out until you’re married. And if you never marry, you never move out.

Marni:  Well, that or even sometimes you marry and yet you just live with your family and then, you know…Sort of in this country, I think parents move back in once they’re elderly, but it’s like, there’s this huge gap of time where it’s totally taboo and frowned upon, if you will…

Beren:  I know a bunch of people who are actually moving back in with their parents.

Marni:  I did it for like half a year when I was 29. It was great. I saved a lot of money.

Beren:  Yeah?

Marni:  Yeah. And my parents were happy to have me there. It’s an interesting thing. I don’t know…Is it so terrible?


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Marni recently read an article about how many grown Americans are moving back in with their parents. It made her think about how in many countries, it’s perfectly normal to live with your parents past 30.

Beren notes that in a lot of places, people live with their families until they get married. But Marni points out that sometimes even married people continue to live with their family.

In the US, parents sometimes move in with their children when they get older and need someone to help take care of them. But there is a gap of 30 or 40 years between when the child turns 18 and the parents become elderly when it’s regarded as strange for them to live together.

Nonetheless, Beren knows a few people who have moved back in with their parents. Marni lived with her parents for a brief time a little while ago. She saved money and her parents were glad she was there. What’s so wrong about living with your parents when you’re an adult?



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in my country it's common to see persons living with their parents after 30 years old ; the cultural influence had to have some think in this case, but the most influent parameter is the economics one, because just an appartment costs approximatively 8 years of a normal employee salary!!

but living with parents is not so Frowned upon here, it's not a kind of failure, and of course not a symbol of succes but it's just the economic reality

04:46 PM Nov 30 2007 |




  Whether you live with your parents or not, it is not important. The most important thing is that you can feed you by youself and have an independent character. Now there are many people who are adults in physiology but not in spirit.

04:21 PM Nov 30 2007 |


Syrian Arab Republic

In my culture it's obligatory to live with your parents and  I totally agree with that cuz you still need their spiritual and aid support . Thank God for keeping them alive till then.

03:49 PM Nov 30 2007 |



In Taiwan, Parents likes children live with them. Even they are over 18 or got married.

Most boys are live with their parents, especially firstborn son.  They need to take care of their parents life.


03:44 PM Nov 30 2007 |



its good to stay with parents .moreover in india its not a shameful but it is a proudful work .it is one sort of security for the old parents even for the adult

03:39 PM Nov 30 2007 |




after reading this i can say that its a false

A culture in india is A parent bare a child upto 21 years or more because of love

And a child finds a god job and helps father because he knows his father is depending on him as he depended on his father.I mean after 18 how a child live possionally in world .he may face many problems May be he may fail.

i dont know about pther countries

03:11 PM Nov 30 2007 |




I igree with you sabrina99

02:51 PM Nov 30 2007 |




I don't like this amrican style , because some times you need your perent's in many thing.

About staying with your perent's when you are 30s in some cases only if your perent is very old , they need your help.

02:49 PM Nov 30 2007 |



i like to live together with my family!

i love my parent the most!

02:42 PM Nov 30 2007 |



When guys got adult age then they should be independent but living with thier parents. Parents needs your help to look aftem them.

Logic is that when we are child our parents are young they provided us necessities of life and facilitate us with education.

Now, we are young/adult and they are old, they neeeded our support.




02:23 PM Nov 30 2007 |



Well truly speaking I believe living with any individual should be based on love and affection and not out of any obligation.

02:22 PM Nov 30 2007 |



Syrian Arab Republic

oh in our country we don't have any special age for the children to leave their parents. they live under their parents care untill they have married and everyone has his or her own house, there are ofcourse especialists that some mails began to work in an early age and built his home alone without depending on his parents but the number of this is too little cause most of them depend on their parents especially those who are already students and here almost of mothers wish to live with their children forever

01:44 PM Nov 30 2007 |




 yes!I like to live with my parents.I love them.I want to live with them forever! In china,Live with parents is cuturle,but it not means ours abilite is bad. living with your relation is happynees!

01:42 PM Nov 30 2007 |


Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka always children should look after their parents and most of the time the don't leave parents after becoming a leagal adult.It's a taboo and frowned upon if children don't look after parents and vise versa.Our culture is where always every body should live together until they die. Even they married and living seperately thety visits parents regulary. it's such astigma against puting parents alone

01:28 PM Nov 30 2007 |


Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka always children should look after their parents and most of the time the don’t leave parents after becoming a leagal adult.It’s a taboo and frowned upon if children don’t look after parents and vise versa.Our culture is where always every body should live together until they die. Even they married and living seperately thety visits parents regulary. it’s such astigma against puting parents alone

01:28 PM Nov 30 2007 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

In Iran girls and boys move her or his parents after marriage, but  some of boys and grils move befor marriage, but not at 18 years old. they move after university and find a good job whit good salary.

In USA government  is supprotting  young people and they can move very easly. In Iran parents should support their children.

In my country it is usual look after their parents when they are elder but some of children dont do that.


12:54 PM Nov 30 2007 |



I’m 18 now.I started my universty life this year,you know it’s the first time that Ileaving my home to study in such a far university.I’ve always been homesick.Maybe this is the way of China.

12:51 PM Nov 30 2007 |



i don’t like to live with my parents when i become a adult.i think we have different opions on things of word.

12:29 PM Nov 30 2007 |



why the girls will get married when she at age of 18

12:25 PM Nov 30 2007 |



why the girls will get married when she at age of 18

12:25 PM Nov 30 2007 |

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