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Livin' at Home

Livin' at Home

Date: Dec 11 2020

Themes: Family

Grammar: You're vs. Your


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

When angry, American fathers commonly shout, “As soon as you’re 18, you’re on your own means a lot. It means you’re a legal adult, and, more often than not, people move out of their parents’ home when they are 18.

...And some of them come back or never leave at all. Adults live with their parents for lots of reasons. Sometimes their parents need care, or they need a place to stay to save up money after college. Even though it’s relatively common, people tend to look down on adults who live with their parents in the United States. Listen to Beren and Marni talk about it.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Marni:  So I was reading that Time Magazine article recently about when you…Like, people in their 30s and moving back in with their parents…

Beren:  Yeah, that’s a huge thing.

Marni:  Yeah, and I was thinking, you know, in this culture, there’s such a stigma against living with your parents past a certain age. Like, you’re sort of viewed as a failure or something. But in many cultures, in many places in the world it’s pretty normal to live with your family.

Beren:  Yeah, you don’t move out until you’re married. And if you never marry, you never move out.

Marni:  Well, that or even sometimes you marry and yet you just live with your family and then, you know…Sort of in this country, I think parents move back in once they’re elderly, but it’s like, there’s this huge gap of time where it’s totally taboo and frowned upon, if you will…

Beren:  I know a bunch of people who are actually moving back in with their parents.

Marni:  I did it for like half a year when I was 29. It was great. I saved a lot of money.

Beren:  Yeah?

Marni:  Yeah. And my parents were happy to have me there. It’s an interesting thing. I don’t know…Is it so terrible?


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Marni recently read an article about how many grown Americans are moving back in with their parents. It made her think about how in many countries, it’s perfectly normal to live with your parents past 30.

Beren notes that in a lot of places, people live with their families until they get married. But Marni points out that sometimes even married people continue to live with their family.

In the US, parents sometimes move in with their children when they get older and need someone to help take care of them. But there is a gap of 30 or 40 years between when the child turns 18 and the parents become elderly when it’s regarded as strange for them to live together.

Nonetheless, Beren knows a few people who have moved back in with their parents. Marni lived with her parents for a brief time a little while ago. She saved money and her parents were glad she was there. What’s so wrong about living with your parents when you’re an adult?



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cihan can


hi how are i am meet you

11:49 AM Nov 30 2007 |

Đồng Xuân Công

Viet Nam

I am a Vietnamese, Althouth Vietnam custom is not the same as USA, everyson have to live with their parents for get support from them. But My parents was died by cancer longtime ago, that time, I am a baby. I lived with my relationship for long time until I went to university in the capital, I think it's no problem if you live on your own. Of course sometime not easy and I wil feel so bad when you alone.

In fact, I dont want to accept that truth, but I love living alone when I be a legal adult. This topic is so impressive in me, The pronlem in this topic is one I always wish that, I want to be a USAboy, but can not.

11:33 AM Nov 30 2007 |




It's depends.

In Poland people first get educated later they leave the parents nest, most of the polish people go to University, so they finish education when they're like 24. those ones who can get good paid job can life on their owns before that, but as you can imagine is quite difficult to study and work on the same time, but many can do ! :)

I don't see any bad things about living with parents, but myself I left home when I was 19 and moved to live to another country ( UK ).

I wanted to be independent and I'm happy that I decided that.

And one more thing ! I didn't forget about my parents, call them couple times in week and visit them every 3,4 months, is not that bad – is it ? :) 

10:37 AM Nov 30 2007 |



My mom does not want to live with me, although she lives alone. You know my dad was RIP. When a person is 18 years old, he has to learn live well in order to face the hard life. But parents must support the financial because he yet can not earn money. Because he has to go to schooll or college. But I positively agree that a young adult leave their parents and learn to live alone in order not to be an indulged man. But for a girl I think she has to be protected by her parents and better living with them until the man pick er up in marrying. Is it agreed by u girl or woman ?

10:20 AM Nov 30 2007 |


Viet Nam

Well, this is an interesting topic. In Vietnam, people are legal adult when they are 18. However, most of them live with their parents untill they can live by their own. I'm 20 now and I'm living far from my family. I'm studying at university and living with my friends, but my parents still sopport me with money for my study. I have a part-time job but it is not enough for me to pay all expenses. It is common in my country and noone looks down on me or those who like me.

10:13 AM Nov 30 2007 |

◥ a﹎oo

◥ a﹎oo



09:52 AM Nov 30 2007 |

li xu

li xu


I think it should be advocated to create your life by yourself .reality is full of troubles but escape isn't the strong answer!a young tree can't be grown huge under shadow!  but you ought to look about  your parents more ofen

09:49 AM Nov 30 2007 |



this sounds good but when u will  actually  start living alone in ur own hm u may can face many difficulties like the whole environment can disturb ur study life and u also have to do some job  to manage ur expenditue  but if u stay with ur family then u can easily complete ur graduation  without any hazards then u can move to ur own place  what do u think of this 

09:42 AM Nov 30 2007 |

man without marcy

Dominican Republic

i think is really normal tolive with your parente but sometimes you need to be in private because you have to do you live and you own place to live but the familly is important share things sometimes but people need to make you own live alone

09:27 AM Nov 30 2007 |



i being from a developing country(nepal) people frm my country usually lives with their family n some of them even after their marraige anyways i really liked the system in USA that after 18 one lives themselves which makes them independent but i refer 20 more than 18 coz i think at the age of 18 people may not be that big enough to decide wat is right or wrong so they need their parents help,i also cant go with the opinion that living with parents is a failure,coz they r the 1 who motivates us to do someth in life.

09:25 AM Nov 30 2007 |



I am from TURKEY,

This topic is a nice, when you are 18 you move out different house, I Think this is not good, if you are marry maybe you can move out. its normal

in the otherway, your father and mother are older and they need you, what will they do after you move out…

ı am 24 years old, and ı will marry but ı wont move out , ı live with my family because they need me.. 

08:05 AM Nov 30 2007 |



i see your commen ,feel stoke , I am from chinese  china custom is different from America, in  some time i hope everybody who from every contry could have some belive

08:03 AM Nov 30 2007 |



This is not an issue of parents but sons and daughters, parents always pay endless love and support to their children. It should be on your own as soon as possible after your 18s, but remeber that there is a home lived with your parents backup you forever.

07:10 AM Nov 30 2007 |



the parents are very carring for the childerns so the childerns are able to earn the maney but parent are trouble for them

06:44 AM Nov 30 2007 |



it is nice to support yourself on your own but again it is very important to be in touch with your parents so that when they need you you will be always there with them as a good child 

06:17 AM Nov 30 2007 |



South Korea

But we have to live with our parents when they grow old because sometimes they might need some help from their childs

05:38 AM Nov 30 2007 |



I thiknk that living vith your parents' after you 18 it has it has its pros and cones.its very starnge for me that in uzbekistan boys live at home an girls get married,as for me an as I'am georgian girl for us its normal when you live with you parents' unil you have you own family.and sometimes there are as  well as big families were not only parents and their children but granpas and grandmas are living together and thy are veryhappy and your age means nothing here.

05:34 AM Nov 30 2007 |



I lived with my parents until 18 year-old, then I moved to the capital city, Bangkok, Thailand, for studying in the university for four years. I would have lived with my family if I graduted from the univ., but I couldn't. In Thailand, it is very common to stay with the parents in spite of you are get married. It's not means that you are unable to live with yourself, but we are happy in a big family. That 's for the Thais.

05:33 AM Nov 30 2007 |




in kazakhstan only the youngest son must live with his parents..others can live on their own when tey are 18 and enter the university or get married.

05:14 AM Nov 30 2007 |




in Kazakhstan only older boys can be on thier own when they are 18. But the younger sun must be with his parents forever. If he is the one son he is also must be with his parents. As for girls they are with parents untill they got married or enter the university. Every culture has its own custom. But i think the USA possition is right

05:10 AM Nov 30 2007 |

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