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Livin' at Home

Livin' at Home

Date: Dec 11 2020

Themes: Family

Grammar: You're vs. Your


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

When angry, American fathers commonly shout, “As soon as you’re 18, you’re on your own means a lot. It means you’re a legal adult, and, more often than not, people move out of their parents’ home when they are 18.

...And some of them come back or never leave at all. Adults live with their parents for lots of reasons. Sometimes their parents need care, or they need a place to stay to save up money after college. Even though it’s relatively common, people tend to look down on adults who live with their parents in the United States. Listen to Beren and Marni talk about it.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Marni:  So I was reading that Time Magazine article recently about when you…Like, people in their 30s and moving back in with their parents…

Beren:  Yeah, that’s a huge thing.

Marni:  Yeah, and I was thinking, you know, in this culture, there’s such a stigma against living with your parents past a certain age. Like, you’re sort of viewed as a failure or something. But in many cultures, in many places in the world it’s pretty normal to live with your family.

Beren:  Yeah, you don’t move out until you’re married. And if you never marry, you never move out.

Marni:  Well, that or even sometimes you marry and yet you just live with your family and then, you know…Sort of in this country, I think parents move back in once they’re elderly, but it’s like, there’s this huge gap of time where it’s totally taboo and frowned upon, if you will…

Beren:  I know a bunch of people who are actually moving back in with their parents.

Marni:  I did it for like half a year when I was 29. It was great. I saved a lot of money.

Beren:  Yeah?

Marni:  Yeah. And my parents were happy to have me there. It’s an interesting thing. I don’t know…Is it so terrible?


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Marni recently read an article about how many grown Americans are moving back in with their parents. It made her think about how in many countries, it’s perfectly normal to live with your parents past 30.

Beren notes that in a lot of places, people live with their families until they get married. But Marni points out that sometimes even married people continue to live with their family.

In the US, parents sometimes move in with their children when they get older and need someone to help take care of them. But there is a gap of 30 or 40 years between when the child turns 18 and the parents become elderly when it’s regarded as strange for them to live together.

Nonetheless, Beren knows a few people who have moved back in with their parents. Marni lived with her parents for a brief time a little while ago. She saved money and her parents were glad she was there. What’s so wrong about living with your parents when you’re an adult?



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masih far

masih far

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

its nice to be on our own but in some cases we need the parents guide.of course leaving the home needs some conditions that USA has the conditions.
it is good to leave but by having the conditions

04:29 AM Nov 30 2007 |




Yeah, there is a totally different between China and th U.S. you know, sometimes, if you don't wanna live with your parents, It' s also a huge thing, but a terrible thing. Maybe someone who knows you will say : "XXX, is not a good person, he/ she is not a filial …. " so ….

04:20 AM Nov 30 2007 |



It's normal to live together with parents until get married in China.And when men get married they will build a new family,and  they will get their parents to their new house to live together because the elderly parents need to be cared for.

while most of women's parents who only have one child would live separately…

03:52 AM Nov 30 2007 |



i am chinese too,it is so normal to live in with parents and i think it is great to live in with parents even marry because there is something like emotion and in chinese culture we need to care for our parents.

03:47 AM Nov 30 2007 |

Jhonnie W



here in Bolivia, people get adulthood at 18, but they don´t leave home unless they are capable in making their living by their own, I mean, they get their jobs and can pay their expenses.

Some people, leave their parents house, when they get married, it does not matter how old they are.

Normally, most of the people, live with their parents until they ask them to leave home.



03:24 AM Nov 30 2007 |



i dont think it's a stigma against living with your parents when u  grow up to be a legal adult,of course that depends,for example ,in china ,most parents wish their children accept more education at school ,attention pls,at school ,not anywhere else.they commonly consider sending children to  colleges or universities as an honour,of which disapproved by  sosiety ,in additian ,our education system decides that we youngs have to spend most of our time on study,on examinations or tests,from six-year primary school to three-year junior school ,then  another three year senior(high) school ,entertainment is a luxious thing for us all,that's to say we dont have the time and chances  of being able to support ourself till high school end when we are 18.however ,in my coutry,you are a legal adult when 16.  

03:06 AM Nov 30 2007 |




I prefer the style that people should independent after 18. But in my country, it's not seems like that. I think when we become a legal adult, we should live by my own. But sadly, I am not.

03:02 AM Nov 30 2007 |




sorry,my English is bad, who can  hope me? thank you.


03:01 AM Nov 30 2007 |



well,I think whether to live with parents depend on our culture,custome,personlities …......so  we  should  respect  each other ,maybe in USA it  is  a shame that  one person who lives with his parents until 30,but  in  another culture perhaps  it is a  virtue  because  he  treats  his  parents  well,the  old need them to company .

02:49 AM Nov 30 2007 |




it`s a very interesting topic.it`s different from the us in china.in china,the girls will leave for their husband`s family when they are married.but to boys,they usurally living with their parents,because they need helps as the parents get older.however,some male-adults move out of their family for their own life.different cultures make different choices.

02:45 AM Nov 30 2007 |

Danny Bao

Cocos (Keeling) Islands

Chinese custom is different from American. Our old parents like basking in the love of their family, so they would prefer to live with their children forever and not to be separate with them. 

02:41 AM Nov 30 2007 |




In my culture, it's pretty normal to live with ur family when u in ur 30s or even u marry. People don't see it as a shame, a failure or st like that. Man, especially, if he is a only child usually live with his parents even when he get married.

02:26 AM Nov 30 2007 |



Very quickly

02:19 AM Nov 30 2007 |



when i was 17 ,i left home.and go to senior high school.and then i have been out of home till this day.

02:16 AM Nov 30 2007 |




In my culture, it’s pretty to live with ur family when u in ur 30s or even u marry. There’s only one thing, u reach 30 or over, u still not marry, ur family will urge to get married & they can talk a/b it all day. If u don’t want to hear that time to time, still don’t want to get married, so… move out :)

02:09 AM Nov 30 2007 |



different cultures make different choices.

02:07 AM Nov 30 2007 |



It's very good.In Uzbekistan pepople are past 18  they usually go to University.And girls usullay married at 18 years old.But boys must stay home with parents.

02:01 AM Nov 30 2007 |



i think this`s is a huge thing because u should live by your own after u are 30, if u don`t u are a totally failure, i`m 18 now but the nekt year i will be living in my own hose because yours parents cant be always suporting u.


01:59 AM Nov 30 2007 |




when people are past 18 in China, they usually go to college in other places from home living on campus, and when they graduate from college and get their jobs, most of them will officially move out of their parents' home and start being on their own. but it's also common to see in China many people living with parents even if they are married and have their children.

01:52 AM Nov 30 2007 |




It's important to be on your own when you are 18. I like the style! I have lots of trouble with my life just because my pareents never thought of  letting me on my own at my 18.I even can't  feed myself without their surpport.I think chinese people should learn something about this from US. However,I can't go with the opinion that living with your familiy is a failure when  ya are  30 years old or something..Sometimes they need us to be with them.anyway.

01:25 AM Nov 30 2007 |

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