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Correction of Sentences - Excercise 1

Date: Dec 20 2007

Topic: Grammar

Author: maj_mandloi


In everyday life we make many simple errors while speaking or in writing. It would be a good idea to know such mistakes we could make and be careful the next time we use such sentences. I am giving below a list of 20 incorrect sentences for you to correct. You can find the rules as to the correct usage at the end of this excercise.

1. David went to London but returned back soon.

2. Though he worked hard, but he failed.

3. Why you were late yesterday ?

4. It is our duty to help the poors.

5. Krish got passing marks in English.

6. Our professor will take our test next week.

7. The students will give their test tomorrow.

8. No sooner he failed, he wept bitterly.

9. They had hardly covered mile than it began to rain.

10. I regard him my uncle.

11. He called me as a fool.

12. I consider him as my uncle.

13. Wait here until I do not come back.

14. He can not pass unless he does not work hard.

15. Work hard lest you may not pass.

16. He denied that he was not a thief.

17. I forbade him not to smoke.

18. I have to deliver a talk on Monday.

19. Our Principal gave a fine speech.

20. He saw a sweet dream last night.

So here are the rules :-

1. Return itself means back, so we should say either "return" or "come back."

2. Though is always followed by "yet" and not by "but."

3. When a question begins with an interrogative word such as what, when, where, why, how the verb is placed before the subject.

4. Adjectives like poor, blind can not take the plural form even when they are used as nouns in the plural.

5. Passing is not an adjective and is incorrectly used by us.

6 & 7. A teacher gives a test and the students take or sit for a test or examination.

8. "No sooner" is always followed by "than" and not by then. Do not use than with "as soon as."

9. "Hardly" is always followed by "when" or "before" and not by than or that.

10. Some verbs like regard, describe, respect, depict, portray, mention, define, treat etc. are followed by "as."

11 & 12. Verbs such as call, consider, think, name, term, elect, make choose etc. are not followed by "as."

13 to 17. Until, unless, lest, deny, forbid are negatives, so they should not be followed by a negative. In case of lest, use should in place of may or might.

18 & 19. We make or deliver a speech, but give a talk.

20. We have a dream and not see a dream.


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Oh thanks! I am sorry for being late in replying to your comment. I am adding one more exercise along with correct answers.

06:37 AM Mar 24 2009 |



I realy like this lesson thank you but can I ask for more lesson like it cos I have problem in them ????


10:03 PM Aug 26 2008 |

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