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Writing Blogs Can Improve Writing Skills

Date: Dec 20 2007

Topic: Writing

Author: ainee82


Do you know that writing can be enhanced by writing journals or blogs. 

The new age has given us a new way to write our journals. The internet has given us blogs.  

I for one like blogging and it's my way to enhance or to improve my writing.  It does not only expresses my thoughts but also improves my writing skills.

I advise english learners to try and practice your writing skills. If you're reluctant to post a blog entry, try it out with comments.  Like posting comments on my blogs.

Scared that you might write it incorrectly, don't worry we're all learners.  We learn by committing mistakes first.  Leave a comment on my blogs, and I will correct them. 

If you would want me to correct them -- please indicate it in your comment.

I want to make it clear that I am going to correct your comments on my blogs and not your blog entries.  I don't have that much time to dwell on it.  But if you would want me to be your online tutor, then that would be another story.

If you would want me to be your online tutor, just send me a message. 


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jasa bangun rumah semarang hubungi atmabangusejahtera

07:12 PM Nov 26 2018 |



myenglish is not good but i start to learn it. 

06:50 AM Jul 13 2017 |




It’s actually a great strategy for improving one’s writing skill, and we are really blessed with these technological/social opportunities which was not offered to everyone.

Still,besides writing, I believe that reading constantly contributes as well to the improvement of our writing since we got inspired by the different styles of the other’s writings and ideas.

11:16 AM Jun 20 2016 |



I also want you to be my tutor.my English is very bad.

12:27 PM Feb 05 2016 |



Can be my tutor?

03:51 PM Dec 14 2015 |

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United States

I like evrything I love writing.

03:13 PM Dec 14 2015 |

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I believe that writing on a blog could really help an individual to enhance their writing skills. Since we are now in a post modern era, we are technologically equipped and hence technology is a vital part of our lives. Many of us find it boring and dull to create written outputs on a paper. We are now more eager to write in our computers for a fast process of creating outputs. Technology must not be always viewed as a reason of the laziness of people. Sometimes technology makes us more interested in what we do due to its instant processing of things like in writing. As a result, writing skills could be well acquired if the individual will be engrossed on expressing themselves on writing blogs. Additionally, writing a blog fosters creativity within an individual. Thus, it’s important for us to find ways on how we can totally improve our writing skills and writing blogs is one of the easy ways in which writing skill could be develop.

07:51 AM Oct 15 2015 |

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