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Good Samaritan

Good Samaritan

Date: Jan 18 2008

Themes: Friend


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

It’s hard to know how you’ll react in an emergency until one happens. Some people shut down and hide while others rise to the occasion and help.

But life is full of little emergencies where you can practice doing the right thing. Yesterday both Devan and Marni had to pull it together and be a little bit brave. Listen to them talk about it.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Marni:  So I was riding the train last night and this crazy fight broke out and this guy broke a window and I see fighting and…first reaction…I jumped out of my seat and knocked on the door to alert the driver of the situation. It just was so shocking. I couldn’t believe I was seeing what I was seeing.

Devan:  That’s so crazy because I was in a really similar situation yesterday where…

Marni:  Really…

Devan:  ...I was standing next to this guy and out of nowhere he punched in a window of a parked car and stole a bag out of it and ran.

Marni:  Whoa! Right in front of you!

Devan:  Right in front of me.

Marni:  Wow, so did you…What did you do?

Devan:  I was kind of in shock and it took me a minute, and then I realized that I needed to call 9-1-1. And so I called them and told them what happened and described the guy, told them which way he was going and stuff. But I’d never called 9-1-1 before, and I felt really good about doing it, you know? Because I was like, “Maybe now they’ll catch this guy.” But I wish I had reacted a little quicker because it took me a like a whole minute to process the situation.

Marni:  Yeah. I think in those situations you’re not really…It’s, like, so shocking what you’re seeing but I think it’s good, you did the right thing and you called 9-1-1 and I think, you know, people when they see situations like that, they need to react and they need to call people on it. It’s not OK. You know, the saying, “being the good Samaritan,” you hear that but it’s true, you gotta do that because…This can’t happen! We live in a society here. People can’t be breaking windows in front of people, that’s not OK.

Devan:  We have to be looking out for each other.

Marni:  Exactly.



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When Marni was riding the train last night a fight broke out. It was shocking, but she immediately ran up to get help from the driver.

Devan saw something something shocking yesterday too. Someone broke into a car right next to her. Unlike Marni, it took her a moment to know what to do. She called the police, but wishes she had called sooner.

Have you ever witnessed a small crime? How did you react? How do you think you would do in a big emergency? Have you ever experienced one before?



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 I want to make friend


09:49 AM Jan 19 2008 |


United Kingdom

I agree that!

09:30 AM Jan 19 2008 |



Today’s world needs more help each other.

09:30 AM Jan 19 2008 |


United Kingdom

I think it good

09:29 AM Jan 19 2008 |



real life nobody will never turned up for our problems

09:23 AM Jan 19 2008 |




LaughingEverybody has his owe mind,so am I.

08:38 AM Jan 19 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

HI how are you

05:37 AM Jan 19 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

Hi how are you

05:36 AM Jan 19 2008 |




samaritan is not "lefeng" in China,it is the moral laws in daly life

05:36 AM Jan 19 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

hi how are you everyone ,, like to know more friends

05:34 AM Jan 19 2008 |





05:11 AM Jan 19 2008 |

Robin didi

Robin didi


Everyone should help each other in daily life.

02:21 AM Jan 19 2008 |



i also will call policeman


12:43 AM Jan 19 2008 |

Hasbih Mahmud


good samaritan come from biblical story about samaritan

12:25 AM Jan 19 2008 |

Hasbih Mahmud


hi,how are you?


12:22 AM Jan 19 2008 |

twinkle twinkle



I never been in such situation

but I can say i will probably act both

in some situations I would rise to thesituation especically when there is no one who can help instead!

however, I would perhaps shut down in some situations because I would be processing it for some minutes!



08:25 PM Jan 18 2008 |




we are never prepared to theses situations, we just do the good thing we are beleived to do, and all things will become more good

07:08 PM Jan 18 2008 |




Maybe the world is not so perfect, but there are still many good Samaritans. So don’t loose your faith and always believe in good, believe in yourself. Because everyone could be the good Samaritan.

06:22 PM Jan 18 2008 |



I think that the good samaritan are those who do good things for the helpless like jesus gave them food at the poor people and clouthes,

05:24 PM Jan 18 2008 |


Viet Nam

HI, that is a sense of civic responsibility. Hope every one is a good Samaritan.

04:23 PM Jan 18 2008 |

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