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Love After Divorce

Love After Divorce

Date: Jan 25 2008

Themes: Romance


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

These days you haven’t lived unless you’ve been married four or five times. Up until a few decades ago, marriage was a very serious thing that lived up to the line “until death do you part” that is said in the ceremony.

But how does marriage change the second and third time around? How can you be sure you’ve found true love when you thought you had it before? Marni has a friend who is recently divorced and just started looking for that special someone...again. Listen to her talk with Devan about it.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Marni:  So I have this friend who just recently got divorced, actually, and she is trying to date again and she’s feeling a little weird about it, so we were talking about if it’s possible to find love after marriage and do you view things differently…I don’t know…

Devan:  I think it’s got to be possible. I don’t think either of my parents…I mean, neither of them found love after they got divorced, but it’s gotta be possible. People do fall in love again, right?

Marni:  It’s just…yeah…I think once you get married it’s this big…obviously it should be embraced as this big deal and if it doesn’t work out, are you able to find love again?

Devan:  Do you think that people are afraid to fall in love again?

Marni:  Probably. I think there’s a…Yeah, maybe if you’ve gotten hurt. Depending on the situation…

Devan:  Just afraid you’re going to get your heart broken?

Marni:  Right! Right. I mean, who wants to go through that again? Getting your heart broken is terrible. But I don’t know, love after marriage…Once you get married you just hope that’s gonna be it, right?

Devan:  Yeah, but it seems like divorce is as common as marriage nowadays.

Marni:  It’s true. So really, it has to be right?



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Marni’s friend recently got divorced and is worried that it isn’t possible to find love after marriage.

Devan says that even though neither of her parents found love again after they got divorced, she thinks it has to be possible. But Marni points out that it can be difficult to let yourself fall in love for a second time, especially if you got hurt the first time.

Devan says that divorce is as common as marriage these days, which can’t be true because certainly some marriages work out. But her point is that even though the increasing number of divorces can seem like a sad thing, it also means that there’s hope to find love again because there are so many other people looking for it too.

How many times have you been married? How about your parents? Do you think it’s ever too late for someone to find love?



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Love is blind!

The scond choice maybe sensible.

05:10 AM Jan 25 2008 |



speak so fast

05:03 AM Jan 25 2008 |



A new people maybe bring you a new life.Tongue out

04:48 AM Jan 25 2008 |




it's never too late to find love ,world is full of love ,but most important is u should think it over after ur divorce—a failed marriage ,for no one should step in the same boat twice.i say like this maybe for the reason of my lacking of some exprience of the marriage.so this kind of question should be ready for the persons who have experienced the divorce ,they can tell us the real feelings and the cautionsl.

04:47 AM Jan 25 2008 |




though  two  people  fall in love with each other,they do not have to marry.

03:58 AM Jan 25 2008 |




you will, everyone will, but be sure to be always kind to others, love is a career that should be built with respect and kindness. do remember love me, love my dog,tolerance is necessary. be serious with your love, once decided, hope you will never regret and go straight the way you choose, be stuck with him or her in ups and downs.

03:29 AM Jan 25 2008 |




I hope everyone  could find true love!

02:49 AM Jan 25 2008 |




it maybe not be bad thing; you will have a new start in your life.

02:41 AM Jan 25 2008 |




i still donnot "be it"  meaning   and how to  use  it 

02:29 AM Jan 25 2008 |



I think that when you get divorced you can find a better person but you have to be patient it could take so many time.

02:09 AM Jan 25 2008 |



how i loved your peaceful eyes on me!it still remains freshly in my memory! ^^

01:15 AM Jan 25 2008 |

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