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Writing is also important.

Date: Jan 26 2008

Topic: Writing

Author: chanphyu


Writng is very important in your life. If you write a notice, you have to use present tense. If you are writing a story, you have to use past tense. Always remember some verbs are also in the original words if they are past tense. For example, read,sit etc.. I will give you a sentence. John went to play outside. In this sentence, went is past tense but play is present. Maybe you will immediately tell that the sentence is present tense. Wrong!!! After TO, the verb will always follow present tense although the sentence is past tense. I think it is a little concern with grammar. Hope my explanation will be useful for all the english, baby members.


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yes, it is useful. thank you. grammar is complicated but very important . 

08:23 PM Mar 23 2017 |


Netherlands Antilles

yes. it is true that writing is the best way to improve our english language. Thanks to ebaby site because of through this site, I knew this lesson . But I don't know My english language is improve or not. In my point of view through this model I feel day by day I improved. I want to make lots of friend through this site and writing something for improving my lsnguage. it is very tof task. But easy way.     

05:22 AM Jan 11 2009 |



thanks a lot,it is useful


03:00 PM Aug 11 2008 |

andy yip

Hong Kong

thank a lot !that is useful!


01:16 PM Jul 08 2008 |

kyaw htay


  1.  Yes, your lessons is good and best.I am try to learn your lesson because english subject is not mother language so we are try to learn the word and vocabulary.Think you so much. writing is also important . The true is not always verisimilar.
  2. learning without thinking is labour lost.
  3. Writing is like religion. Every man who feels the call must work out his own salvation.

12:12 AM Mar 01 2008 |

Hossam Albadaway


thinx   alot very good lesson

09:05 PM Feb 29 2008 |



wrong or right will be out whoes mouth,output the child is right and out litterateur is wrong

07:43 AM Jan 30 2008 |

kyaw htay


CoolYes, true. writing is true ,mean is true.

07:35 PM Jan 28 2008 |




good.really good.

02:04 PM Jan 26 2008 |

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