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Time Off Before College

Time Off Before College

Date: Mar 14 2008

Themes: School, Time


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Finishing high school is a crossroads of sorts. You can go straight into your career, or you can keep going to school.

But just because you picked one plan doesn’t mean you can’t change your mind. People leave school to go work all the time. And after working for a few years, a lot of people go back to school.

Neither Marni nor Devan finished college right after school and Devan’s a little nervous about it. But since Marni is a few years older, she can give Devan advice about it.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Devan:  So I just started college after taking three years off after high school.

Marni:  Oh yeah?

Devan:  I’m feeling completely out of practice. I’m a little overwhelmed because all of the other kids that are my age are already seniors and they’re graduating this year, and I’m just a freshman and I feel kind of at a disadvantage.

Marni:  Really? Well, I don’t know. I kind of did the same thing. I started college right after high school and I did a year and it was just too much, and I took some time off and went back. I actually felt like I appreciated my education more because I was ready for it and, you know…

Devan:  That’s interesting. That’s a good point. I think that’s why I didn’t go after high school is because I wasn’t ready. I needed a break.

Marni:  Exactly.

Devan:  Did it take you a while to remember how to format papers and stuff like that?

Marni:  Yeah, and I was an English major so I had to do a lot of that. But you catch on quickly and you just kind of power through and…Are you taking a lot of credits? Because if you overload yourself, you know, right away, it can be overwhelming.

Devan:  I’m trying to take it slow and ease back into it. But I’m excited. Hopefully my outside experience will help me.



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After three years of not going to school, Devan just started college. She says it’s a little strange since the other students her age are about to graduate and she’s just starting out.

Marni went to college for one year, but then left to work for a while. When she came back, she didn’t feel weird about it like Devan. She was glad to back and felt like she could finally appreciate her education. She admits that it took her a little while to remember how to write papers properly, but she also says it wasn’t too hard to get back into it.

Which do you think is best? To go to college as soon as possible and be the same age as the other people there, or to work for a little while and then go back to school?



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thao lam

Viet Nam

Dear Devan

My name's Thao. I'm Vietnames.

I want to share with you about time of before college.

You know. After leave high school I began to work as a worker. and 8 years later i came back university.

When i began, it very hard because i forgot my knowledges in high school. Several month later i catch up the rest of the class. And now i had graduate university.

I hope you will try. It very hard but you should overcome.

Good luck.

My english not good. I'm trying. Please understand me.

01:23 PM Mar 16 2008 |



I think that sometimes the break it's necessary, mainly when the student doens't know what the career that would like to follow. In Brazil, many times to stop after finish high school became necessary because the student doesn't have money to continues. So he starts to work and some years after he goes to college.

01:14 PM Mar 16 2008 |




I am freshmen to this lesson~

09:11 AM Mar 16 2008 |



"knowledge is power" i like this sentence .i think it contains two meanings .knowledge not only things from subject,but also things from practice.To attend to university or to go for a job ,it all depends yourself .Your future is on your hanp><a href="http://www.englishbaby.com/" target="_blank">English Lessons</a> by English, baby!</p>
d,the best thing is you must trust yourself,or you will regret .Smile

09:04 AM Mar 16 2008 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I think it depends on the situation that some one has at the time when finishes the high school. In my country actually it is difficult to enter the univesity long after highschool.

08:14 AM Mar 16 2008 |



I think it's good .People will usually treasure the choice to studay.I 'm just one of this kind of people. I want to go to college. the hope is strong. 

08:13 AM Mar 16 2008 |



i think  different people have a differnt   view.how to choose it all depends you,because your life is on your hand.no matter what will happen fllows as long as you think it is your way .thanks!!!

08:11 AM Mar 16 2008 |




maybe schoolwork is harsh,, but when people out of school to find a job,, they’ll be finally realize that school life is such a life like in paradise…
and the friends that you make are probably the most sicere…
though i’m still a college student,, i begin to miss the pass two years of my school life…

07:10 AM Mar 16 2008 |




in   my personal  view,it's better to  start your college as soon as you finish your high school.maybe it's the best choice in  China.

firstlly ,i think we have age edge comparing wath other students,and we can have more time to earn money ,to have enough money to enjoy our live.do you think so ?but if we want to abroad,perhaps we should make money by ourselves.do you think so?

but in some Europe countries,it's  common that people coninue there univercity  after some years time off.as different situations  in different countris,we can have different choices,don't we ?

05:40 AM Mar 16 2008 |



now,i am a college student.i often see my beautiful life at high school.it is memorable.when i remember that period,i smile ,i cry.it is interesting.life is nice ,i love to be alive.

03:32 AM Mar 16 2008 |



now,i am a college student.i often see my beautiful life at high school.it is memorable.when i remember that period,i smile ,i cry.it is interesting.life is nice ,i love to be alive.

03:30 AM Mar 16 2008 |




i  am  a  student  in chain college . i donnot  think  it is suit me  . i am a person who abide by the law aand behave myself.  although my family condition  is not well , i still like going  to college. just to do  well and enjoying  the college life


03:08 AM Mar 16 2008 |




For my own part, every coin has two sides!

12:35 AM Mar 16 2008 |



I actually have to manage doing both, like many other kids here in my country.

11:19 PM Mar 15 2008 |


Saudi Arabia


I think lujee have a point. I think as long as you can complete after school with a good healh, complete!because you don't know what's coming. right??

10:02 PM Mar 15 2008 |


Saudi Arabia

hi every one.

I think what you said is quite right because I think as I long as you can continoue studying and in a good health,go for it!

You don't know what is coming. Right??

09:57 PM Mar 15 2008 |




this lesson is very funny…

08:10 PM Mar 15 2008 |


Viet Nam

I see each of your ideas is nearly true. But I think we should start college right after finishing high school. Maybe when you spend a year to work outsize you will get much experience, really realize what you love, what need for your job but not certain you can have a good job whether it is apropriate with your wish.

Before you leave high school and get a university you must choose a major carefully which is fit with your wish as well as your ability. Suppose that you get to college with a major which you do not like, so that you may will not study well on that subject.

04:41 PM Mar 15 2008 |



life is so short,in the end,may be your friends,family,societym tell you what is right or wrong,only ourselves can define what is useful to us,you know,whatever you study something for your future,or another,you'd better make sure which you will change?don't lose your time,please.when you change a life,keep it.you will be a stronger.

03:07 PM Mar 15 2008 |

sylla youssouf


it's a good lesson

02:49 PM Mar 15 2008 |

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