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I Am Legend

I Am Legend

Date: Mar 12 2008

Themes: Pop Culture


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

It’s a familiar concept to us now, but when Richard Matheson wrote his novel I Am Legend in 1954, the idea of a world completely destroyed by disease was relatively new.

The book, which describes a disease that turns people into monsters that resemble both vampires and zombies, was made into a film for the third time in 2007. Will Smith has the difficult task of playing the last man on Earth. Devan thinks he pulls it off, but Mason’s not so sure.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Devan:  Have you seen I am Legend yet?

Mason:  Uh, kind of, I practically fell asleep during it. It wasn’t really my kind of thing.

Devan:  Oh. How come?

Mason:  I don’t know. I’m not a huge Will Smith fan and the whole post-apocalyptic thing just…

Devan:  Yeah, I’m not really into that either, but I heard he did a really good job in it. Having to do all that dialog on his own must have been really challenging. I guess it wouldn’t be dialog…I guess that would be monologue...

Mason:  Technically. But you know, whatever. He talks to the dog so you can call it a dialog, if you want. The dog barks a few times. But seriously, to me he’s not the kind of actor that carries a movie that, like that I’d go see a movie just for Will Smith in it.

Devan:  Just to see Will Smith talking…

Mason:  But, listen, some of it had some compelling scenes. I know it was based on an old science fiction book and there are some other adaptations that I heard are better.

Devan:  I saw the Charlton Heston version…

Mason:  That was The Omega Man, right?

Devan:  That was terrible.

Mason:  Ha!

Devan:  But I heard that the original, original one, which is called something else.

Mason:  The Alpha Man?

Devan:  Something like that. I heard the original one is great.



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Mason says he almost fell asleep while watching I Am Legend because Will Smith is on-screen alone so much of the time and he’s not a huge Will Smith fan.

Devan says that an earlier version of the film that stars Charlton Heston isn’t any good, but that the first adaptation of the book (which is actually called The Last Man on Earth, not The Alpha Man) is the best.

What actor do you think could pull off a movie full of monologues?



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i like  that film  really   all is smith`s films very good !have a storyand hight exciting ! that film is good for the our future!  we can now for the future life ,,,,,,,,..>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

01:52 AM Mar 15 2008 |

hearts hunter333

Saudi Arabia

i watced this movie befoor it’s cool ilike it

05:19 PM Mar 14 2008 |

Little Buddha


I did't watch this film yet, but I think it must be wonderful. I like the actor Will Smith. Films with him are ever good. Will the future bring us such problems? I hope that is is only a fantasy.

11:02 AM Mar 14 2008 |



it is a good movie!i like it!

06:32 AM Mar 14 2008 |



Dominican Republic

I like Will Smith's job and I like this movie. It wasn't the big thing, but It was Ok. At least I didn't fall sleep like Mason, hahaha. Anyway, This movie is following the same line "I Robot". It's a like futuristic movement or so. By the way, this movie reminds me "Resident Evil" XD!

09:52 PM Mar 13 2008 |



Dominican Republic

I like Will Smith’s job and I like this movie. It wasn’t the big thing, but It was Ok. At least I didn’t fall sleep like Mason, hahaha. Anyway, This movie is following the same line “I Robot”. It’s a like futuristic movement or so. By the way, this movie reminds me “Resident Evil” XD!

09:51 PM Mar 13 2008 |



I come from CHINA,my name is fangrong jiang

08:51 PM Mar 13 2008 |



it is true that the movie turns around the charatcer that Will Smith is playingand that dialogue is missing a lot. but understand that it is a good idea from the director to make you feel the lonelyness of the character and his state of mind.and i'm sure that no other actor could perform better than Will Smith. Will Smith is The Legend!

03:54 PM Mar 13 2008 |



I have seen this movie, but I don't like it very much. Actually I nearly fell asleep when I saw it. I like many of Bill Smith's movies, such as The Pursuit of Happyness,  Men in Black Alien Attack, and so on, but not this one.

03:41 PM Mar 13 2008 |



Damn,all the words just vanished all of a sudden.

write it once again.

I haven't seen the movie of any version.And I don't think I will like it.Practically,the kind of post-apocalyptic thing has never been my cup of tea.I love movies with profound insights into humanity,such as Shawshank Redemption,Crashes,and movies where there are pretty girls with great personality,such as "Iceprincess","The evil wears prada",and movies about love with happy ending,such as "You've got email"and almost all the movies acted by Audrey hepburn.I have finished more than 10 movies acted by her,I think she was the kind of actress that carried moives.Roman holiday,Sabrina and Love in the afternoon are all my favorites,I will go to see them another more time when I am free.

02:40 PM Mar 13 2008 |




he’s a great actor but i think Will Smith doesn’t match this kind of film.

11:45 AM Mar 13 2008 |




I have not seen it yet, and I think Will Smith doesn't  match this kind of film, I would prefer to see him making comedy movies. He's a great actor!

11:43 AM Mar 13 2008 |


Viet Nam

please ! how can i see this film?who can sent it to me!

11:04 AM Mar 13 2008 |



United States

I like science fiction movies very much. I prefer the kind of high-technology. It's full of excitement and horror. Yeah, It's sort of challenge. I don't like korean movies. they are boring. all about love, about marrige, or about the young.

08:09 AM Mar 13 2008 |


Hong Kong

i llike this movie very much

05:17 AM Mar 13 2008 |




I watched this film it is very enjoy. I like it .

11:55 PM Mar 12 2008 |




I watched this video before. I liked it…

11:05 PM Mar 12 2008 |




Ya William Sweet is very interesting and talanted actor but this movie for me was a little boring..

In fact the thought that all people are ill and you are alone that very very sad and the last scene was one of the sadest when he had killed his best friendFrown

09:11 PM Mar 12 2008 |




In my opinion this film is good.The dog greatly pity. I feel sorry for that.

07:56 PM Mar 12 2008 |

Snow Queen

Snow Queen


i watched this movie but i didn't like it .. it's so boring .. i like will smith's movies so much but this one is really too badUndecided

07:38 PM Mar 12 2008 |

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