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I Am Legend

I Am Legend

Date: Mar 12 2008

Themes: Pop Culture


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

It’s a familiar concept to us now, but when Richard Matheson wrote his novel I Am Legend in 1954, the idea of a world completely destroyed by disease was relatively new.

The book, which describes a disease that turns people into monsters that resemble both vampires and zombies, was made into a film for the third time in 2007. Will Smith has the difficult task of playing the last man on Earth. Devan thinks he pulls it off, but Mason’s not so sure.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Devan:  Have you seen I am Legend yet?

Mason:  Uh, kind of, I practically fell asleep during it. It wasn’t really my kind of thing.

Devan:  Oh. How come?

Mason:  I don’t know. I’m not a huge Will Smith fan and the whole post-apocalyptic thing just…

Devan:  Yeah, I’m not really into that either, but I heard he did a really good job in it. Having to do all that dialog on his own must have been really challenging. I guess it wouldn’t be dialog…I guess that would be monologue...

Mason:  Technically. But you know, whatever. He talks to the dog so you can call it a dialog, if you want. The dog barks a few times. But seriously, to me he’s not the kind of actor that carries a movie that, like that I’d go see a movie just for Will Smith in it.

Devan:  Just to see Will Smith talking…

Mason:  But, listen, some of it had some compelling scenes. I know it was based on an old science fiction book and there are some other adaptations that I heard are better.

Devan:  I saw the Charlton Heston version…

Mason:  That was The Omega Man, right?

Devan:  That was terrible.

Mason:  Ha!

Devan:  But I heard that the original, original one, which is called something else.

Mason:  The Alpha Man?

Devan:  Something like that. I heard the original one is great.



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Mason says he almost fell asleep while watching I Am Legend because Will Smith is on-screen alone so much of the time and he’s not a huge Will Smith fan.

Devan says that an earlier version of the film that stars Charlton Heston isn’t any good, but that the first adaptation of the book (which is actually called The Last Man on Earth, not The Alpha Man) is the best.

What actor do you think could pull off a movie full of monologues?



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I've seen that movie, and think it's just soso。。。 not my kind, but I like Will Smith, he's really cool, and the dog。。。so clever

02:59 AM Mar 12 2008 |




i don't know this film. i know very few about american movie. who can recommend some to me? thank you!

02:38 AM Mar 12 2008 |



I don’t like that kind of movies~ It’s boring to see only one man talking in a whole movie, although I do love science fiction, like Harry Potter. I am a big Harry potter fan. I can’t wait to see the next movie to come out.

02:00 AM Mar 12 2008 |



I think it`s kinda boring.And i like The Pursuit of Happyness better.

01:42 AM Mar 12 2008 |



I also watched this movie before, I think it was just so so although I like Will Smith very much, he is so exciting.  Tongue out

As for the dialog, I also think it is difficult to handle only by one person.

01:17 AM Mar 12 2008 |




i don't know about the film . is it a hollywood film? the culture of western's are different from ours' . i prefer korean film,caz itis easier to understand. so korean shows are popular in china at the moment. but i am tired of it. they are all the same style. rich man met with a poor girl then married her. the actress always wears beautful clothes. i 'd like  the classic movies. such as : roman holiday, gone with wind, etc…

12:44 AM Mar 12 2008 |



i think it's a good movie which has a diffrent idea ..i mean make u think that may be somthing diffrent gonna happen. and will smith did a good jop i think. well what u think guy's???

12:23 AM Mar 12 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

I watched this movie before but actully b\c i didn't like it I did't see it till the end. I like Will smith's movies but this oneSealed.

06:19 AM Mar 01 2008 |

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