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TOEFL Ready English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: May 17 2021

Themes: School

Grammar: First Conditional


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

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2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

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Tests don’t have to be scary. It seems like a lot can go wrong, but as long as you prepare and stay calm, you’ll be OK. And it’s no secret that being well-prepared helps you stay calm.

American students lose sleep over the SAT, which determines what colleges you can get into. People who live in other countries and want to study in the US have to do well on the Test of English as a Foreign Language, or the TOEFL.

When you study for a test, it becomes a big part of your life. You think about it a lot and you might even dream about it. It’s on your mind so much that when you talk about the test to other people, you forget that they may not have taken a test in years.

Amanda’s Chinese cousin is studying for the TOEFL, but she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Watch as Jason fills her in.

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Amanda:  So I got a call from my cousin, Jeff Wong, and I haven’t heard from him in months, but he was super stressed out because he’s practicing and cramming and studying for this toy-full exam…

Jason:  Oh, the TOEFL?

Amanda:  Yeah!

Jason:  The Test of English as a Foreign Language?

Amanda:  Yeah.

Jason:  Where does he live?

Amanda:  Exactly. He lives in China. He lives in Shanghai. And he’s just super-stressed about it but I don’t know if it’s like a one time you fail and you’re done, or if you just keep taking it. How’s it work?

Jason:  Well, you can take it again but it’s kind of expensive and stuff, so the best thing to do is probably take the practice TOEFL, which you can get online from English, baby! now. And it’s sweet because it’s pretty much exactly the TOEFL except it’s just pretend, you know? So if you get your score from that, you’ll know exactly how well you’re going to do.

Amanda:  So is it an online thing? You don’t go to a room with a bunch of other students…

Jason:  Yeah, exactly. You take it online and then you can, like, take breaks and pause it and eat dinner…

Amanda:  So you don’t have a maximum amount of time, like four hours, you have to be done…

Jason:  You do, but you can, like, hit pause on it, or whatever.

Amanda:  Oh that’s cool. So it’s pretty laid back.

Jason:  Yeah, exactly, exactly.

Amanda:  I mean, if you study enough, you should be able to get a pretty high mark, I would think.

Jason:  Yeah, and it seems like if you sort of go through the motions on the practice test it will make it less stressful when you take the real test.

Amanda:  Cool.


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Amanda’s cousin Jeff Wong, who lives in China, called her the other day. He was really worried about a test he has to take, but Amanda can’t remember the name exactly.

Jason asks if it’s the TOEFL, and Amanda says it is. She asks him how the test works. Can you take it again if you don’t do well?

Jason says you can, but that it’s probably easier to take the practice TOEFL online. It gives you a good idea of what your score will be, and it helps lower your stress level because you can take breaks whenever you want. When test day comes, there will be no surprises. You’ll remember how mellow taking the test at home was and you’ll do a lot better.

Have you ever had to prepare for a big test? How did you do? Remember, if you’re planning on taking the TOEFL soon, you can buy a practice test right here on Ebaby!



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i’ve been thinking having TOEFL exam ASAP because i graduate this june from university.i’ll be loooking for a good job which request me very good english skill.so i need to get high mark on TOEFL exam.i know it’s rather expensive for not passing first time.

08:54 AM Apr 11 2013 |



HI, evrybady..I am 58 years lady, and I try to do my best and stady English..I know will be hard to me, but I am doing my best..all people tell me that is hard , but I like to tray..

04:47 PM Mar 02 2013 |




I’m going to take the TOEFL in recent year.

Although I’m worrying about my English,I would like to try my best,for dream tells me to face any difficulties and move on all the time around my ears.

01:44 PM Feb 05 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

not bad

11:18 PM Jan 23 2013 |



United Arab Emirates

i am now in high school in last year and in the next year i must have TOEFL tast to went to the colloge , i hope have high mark to pass this test .

07:35 PM Jan 22 2013 |


South Korea

I had a TOEIC test in 2005. It was very hard for me to get good scores because I didn’t have any experiences before. I joined an English academy to improve my TOEIC skills. After I got a right score to get a qualification, I realized that it was no use to improve communication skills. Now I’m preparing TOEFL to get another qualification for transition.

04:42 AM Dec 29 2012 |




yeah..i will be also mello in english baby!

02:13 PM Dec 16 2012 |




Of course I had to prepare for a lot of big tests in the past. 

But now I want to study “English and American culture and business studies” in my new collegue, but i have to score at least 90 points in the TOEFL to be accepted.

My TOEFL is in less then 3 weeks and I am really scared of it!

I try to prepare myself so I joined eBaby.

I hope I’ll pass the TOEFL so I can stuy what I want to study!

08:52 AM Aug 28 2012 |

La Princesse de la vie


Of course I always have tests, sometimes I prepare and cram and study well, in this case I do it, but when I  lower my efforts, I don’t get what I want.. 

09:59 PM Aug 01 2012 |

abdull qader


I had many many big test during my studying period at the university and i did excellent job. i havnt had TOFEL test yet but im planning to take it as soon as i can. nowadays each university will ask for TOFEL test’s score for guys who are not english native speakers because im looking for further studying abroad so i need to have a TOFEL cetificate.

05:38 AM Jul 22 2012 |



TOEFL is really easy… Just do some practice tests with ETS Toefl book and you will get more than 90. 

10:24 PM Jun 26 2012 |




i am liked this movi,they both were talking very clearyly and slowly,it was very easy to understanding that was good,thanks englishbaby.com.

08:23 AM Jun 14 2012 |




I was also stressed out like Jeff before visiting this site but now I have some hopes that I could do well in my exam. I ‘ll try this tests.

Thanks everyone for all your reviews which made me feel mellow.


10:44 PM Jun 13 2012 |



Well,good impression first time here.

02:38 AM May 11 2012 |



seems useful, if I practice everyday.

06:11 AM Apr 25 2012 |



It’s very useful.

08:51 PM Apr 05 2012 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of


08:45 AM Apr 05 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

dear friends

I must tell you this is one of the best english training websites which I had known as yet containing very very good lessons to listening ,speaking,reading and learning grammar with the best manner for understandig vocabulary but everybody have to take care about accent . or only study american accent or only british accent . combination of these can harm your training and I advise you to focused on the one of these accents.

02:27 AM Apr 04 2012 |

1 person likes this



it’s the best site to perform our language english,the persons who have the idea to build this lien,as,english baby,let us to improve our language,good job!

10:13 PM Mar 12 2012 |





05:17 PM Mar 12 2012 |

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