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Date: May 14 2008

Themes: Pets


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

When is the last time a rat cooked for you or a lion sang you a song? The world of children’s movies, particularly Disney movies, is a strange place where animals act like people and people sing in high pitched voices.

But what if that world really did exist…in New York? That’s the concept behind a new film that has Mason nothing short of Enchanted.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Mason:  Hey, you want to go catch a movie tonight?

Jason:  Uh huh. Sure.

Mason:  ‘Cause I don’t know about you, but I could totally see Enchanted for the fifth time.

Jason:  Really?

Mason:  I love that movie! Are you serious?

Jason:  How did you end up seeing it the first time?

Mason:  Uh, I went and bought a ticket.

Jason:  It just doesn’t strike me as a movie that, like, screams Mason. But I guess I could be wrong.

Mason:  I gotta say, man, I love me some Disney movies. I love ‘em. Like all the old animated classics like Dumbo and Peter Pan and all that jazz. Sleeping Beauty. And this is playing off of all of them with a lot of really cool, modern humor.

Jason:  Cool. I feel like everyone grew up with those, but most people don’t think about them anymore.

Mason:  Most people grow up?

Jason:  I guess you could say that. But this one makes fun of…It’s like a parody of those?

Mason:  I wouldn’t call it a parody, but it takes all the stereotypes like the princess and the evil, magical queen and the stupid prince and takes it, drops it in real world New York but they still sing songs and are talking really too high and making the animals do work for them.

Jason:  That actually sounds awesome.

Mason:  It’s a really, really well-done, cute little film.

Jason:  Is it all live-action?

Mason:  Well there’s some animated parts, but 90% of it is in honest-to-God New York and there’s dancing rats and cockroaches.

Jason:  Awesome. Yeah, I’ll see it. Why not?

Mason:  Sweet!



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Jason is surprised when Mason says he’s already seen Enchanted and he’d like to see it again. Grown-ups aren’t usually so excited about Disney movies.

But Mason explains that Enchanted has a lot of modern humor and makes fun of all the Disney movies everyone grew up with. It takes place in New York and most of it isn’t animated, but the characters still act the way they do in animated movies.

What’s your favorite animated movie from childhood? How far is it from the real world?



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I love cat and oteher kind of animal.It’s a lovely things to have animal around your live.

10:17 AM May 15 2008 |

Bee Girl

Bee Girl

Saudi Arabia

I saw this movie 10 times and I still enjoy the music in it.

It is one of my favourit movie.

07:46 AM May 15 2008 |




oh I watched this movie (two times) and I think it’s great; the best part is when she dances with animals of New York (“Happy working song”)

07:22 AM May 15 2008 |

Jelly Heng

Jelly Heng


I love this moive, I love animals, they are all cute.

01:37 AM May 15 2008 |




I haven't seen that film but I will in future…

09:20 PM May 14 2008 |



Russian Federation

It's, I thing must be very interesting Disney cartoon, if Manson had so strong patience to look so many time it!)

06:49 PM May 14 2008 |



Syrian Arab Republic

 i saw beautiful movie in childhood it is :( ratatolli) astange mouse can act like areal person who has his gift in cooking very well….. and he found his way to five star resturant in paris…

05:28 PM May 14 2008 |

siberian tigger


I agree with you, all English movies are amazing for children and some adult people, but the old ones are the best ones because they could teach us positve, moral values in some cases.

05:16 PM May 14 2008 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

My favorit animated movie is Tom & jerry because it's very funny and it's unpredictable.Laughing

04:05 PM May 14 2008 |



This lesson was great. I learned many word with it.

01:38 PM May 14 2008 |



 CryI don't remember my favourite animated movie from childhood. Because I couldn't  watch TV neither go to the cinema. I watched Peter Pan, Sleeping Beauty, Dumbo, Cinderella etc. when I was a grown woman. LaughingSo, but I loved animated movie. I watched The Finding Nemo, Madagascar, Shrek1 and 2, Monster Inc. and Robos. These are special to me. When apear some interesting animated movie I buy and watch many times. Nowadays the animated movies bring us the real live and story about the trouble of humanity. I liked very much.

01:34 PM May 14 2008 |



koollll lesson

12:39 PM May 14 2008 |





11:53 AM May 14 2008 |



Mason saw the film four time

10:47 AM May 14 2008 |



Good lesson,i like the two guys's American pronunciation,and the voices are very charming,i wish i could have a nice pronunciation like them,haha… Getting to business,i like the cartoon and the animated films,for instance,DUCK TANG AND MICKEY MOUSE,CAT AND RAT,and v.v .

The Dream Works and Disney should be the two most famouse company they produce the animated films. I like this kind of films,which brings us so much fun,and though i'm grown-up,i still like watching these films,and they don't really belongs to children.

09:13 AM May 14 2008 |

richard yao


I loved cartoon very much when I was a child.And I was watching it on TV when I had a dinner almost everyday.And when I grow up, I find some cartoon movies are still very interesting,especially with some true people acting.I admire the creator of the cartoon character because they have super imagination.

08:50 AM May 14 2008 |



Viet Nam

I saw ads about Enchanted on Disney Channel. So awesome !!! But I missed it. I hope this movie'll be shown on Disney Channel again. I luv cartoons  & Disney Channel. omg, they're the best =)


08:35 AM May 14 2008 |

Lover for Ever

Saudi Arabia


08:27 AM May 14 2008 |




I learn new words from this lesson, great!

07:48 AM May 14 2008 |


Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

I like so much Disney movies. I still watch it and I don't think that I'll stop. I don't ever see Enchanted but I'm sure that I'll like it.

I don't think that Disney movie it's only for child. It's for every one who want to laugh in life.

07:36 AM May 14 2008 |

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