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Sleeping In

Sleeping In

Date: Jun 13 2008

Themes: Time


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

It would seem that the most natural thing to do would be to wake up at sunrise and go to bed at sunset. But if that’s the case, why does it feel so good to sleep through the entire morning?

Teenagers are famous for their love of sleeping in. But some adults really like to spend the morning in bed as well. Among them are Jason and Amanda.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Amanda:  Do you know what my most favorite thing to do in this world is?

Jason:  What?

Amanda:  Just guess. C’mon, you know me.

Jason:  Uh, frisbee golf.

Amanda:  Close. Sleeping in. Like high school-style. Like 12-plus hours.

Jason:  Oh yeah!

Amanda:  When was the last time you got to do that?

Jason:  Today. I set my own hours. I woke up at noon today.

Amanda:  You did not wake up at noon today.

Jason:  I wake up at noon every day.

Amanda:  No, you don’t!

Jason:  Yeah, I do!

Amanda:  How do you hold down a real job?

Jason:  I work from about 1pm to 10pm, and then I go out until 2am and then I wake up at noon.

Amanda:  Do you kinda feel like a vampire a little bit?

Jason:  A little bit.

Amanda:  When you wake up in the morning, it’s not even morning. People are going out for lunch.

Jason:  Totally. But I also have the jump on people because I can send an email at two in the morning and everyone will get it at seven in the morning when they get up so it seems like I’m on top of it.

Amanda:  So you’re kind of proactive, ahead of the game, or you’re lazy, right?

Jason:  I do feel lazy. Whenever you get to sleep in like you do, do you feel like it’s…I don’t know, do you feel like you’ve done something bad, like a little bit of guilt?

Amanda:  Yes! On the weekends I sleep in to 11 and I feel totally guilty because life’s going on without me. Breakfast, cleaning the house, people are out doing stuff and I’m in bed with the shades down. And then I wake up kind of groggy, you know? And you look at the clock and you take a shower and it’s like 2, right?

Jason:  I think about it. I think about making the switch to a normal lifestyle, but every time I get into that new groove, something knocks me out of it, like a good show I can’t resist going to on a Wednesday and then next thing you know, sleeping till noon again.

Amanda:  Well, you’re lucky you don’t have a 9-5 job then.

Jason:  I know.

Amanda:  Because that’s not gonna work.

Jason:  I know. It’s like one of my main incentives to not get a real 9-5.

Amanda:  Nice.



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Amanda cannot believe that Jason gets to sleep in every day. She’s so jealous. Like most people she works a 9-5 so sleeping in is something special for her. But Jason decides when he works so he chooses to sleep in ever day.

While sleeping in sure feels good, sometimes you miss things or you feel guilty for wasting the day in bed. Do you like to sleep in or are you an early riser?



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i like sleeping in,especialy in the work.

it feel very good.

01:49 PM Jun 16 2008 |



no nooner

01:27 PM Jun 16 2008 |



I do not see any" nooner"?

01:22 PM Jun 16 2008 |



I do not see any" nooner"?

01:22 PM Jun 16 2008 |




10:09 AM Jun 16 2008 |


Viet Nam


natural adjustment. Like a clock, 5 a.m  wake up; 10 p.m sleep. i can't stay up late…hic hic

08:51 AM Jun 16 2008 |



i'm totally an earlyriser. i believe that if i get up early and feel sun light on my face while sunrising , my whole day would be nice, without problems, full of luck. and i feel healthy during the day. 

09:42 PM Jun 15 2008 |




I used to wake up on 6o'clock in the morning while I studied in the University. so I like the fact of sleeping in now,I will enjoy it untill I'll get a job,because I know that then I could not do it so oftenLaughing

07:19 PM Jun 15 2008 |




if you blink it you might miss important things nooners!!

04:52 PM Jun 15 2008 |




just click on the words..you will see the answers..

04:50 PM Jun 15 2008 |




i think..its no that!..i think its…i think they name with ..people who slepping in the entire morning till noon.

04:48 PM Jun 15 2008 |




The most of time, i am an early riser..because i can't stand missing to breath the pure oxygen at the moment of sunrise..espicially during the summer..!when i do ifelt all the day lazy and groggy..!if you try to breed some bees..you will see it by youself..i never been stung by a bee..even i approach them closely to their beehive.

04:43 PM Jun 15 2008 |


South Korea

Too bright to sleep in my room.

02:58 PM Jun 15 2008 |

Green Alice

Russian Federation

I'm a day sleeper, definitely! What is more, I like to stay awake late at night even if I don't go out. Today I got up at 2 PM and I don't feel guilty. My working hours are 10-6, so I can afford sleeping in only on weekends.

01:07 PM Jun 15 2008 |




every one has his own sleep habit.

12:04 PM Jun 15 2008 |

Kim possible

Viet Nam

LOL, me too. I can't be wide awake in the morning, so I decided to become a nightowl.

04:38 AM Jun 15 2008 |

Kim possible

Viet Nam

LOL, me too. I can’t be wide awake in the morning, so I decided to become a nightowl.

04:37 AM Jun 15 2008 |


United Arab Emirates

in my point of viwe that … it big difference when u sleep in the night it's give u active full of energy and helath. however if sleep 10 hours in the morning ..it would not be like 4 hours sleeping in neight from my expernies.

06:11 PM Jun 14 2008 |



i love sleep in and i do that all the time as long as i can get day off the next day. the previous day i always go to sleep very late and of course sleep in is the next thing. it's great!

05:58 PM Jun 14 2008 |




I usually get up early that I can finish what I have to do earlier, then I can do what I want :p


03:57 PM Jun 14 2008 |

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