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Sex and the City

Sex and the City

Date: Jun 25 2008

Themes: Fashion, Romance


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Few television shows start a cult like Sex and the City. The four single women in their 30s and later 40s are brilliantly balanced. Every woman can identify with one of them and every man wants to be with one of them.

But it’s not just the characters that made the show brilliant. It was the lifestyle. The designer clothes and setting of New York City captured imaginations of people around the world. Now, four years after the last episode the television show, these four beautiful women are back to gossip about their sex lives in a movie. Marni and Amanda just saw it. Listen to them talk about it over cosmopolitans.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Marni:  Oh my God. These heels are killing me. Oh God. Why did I think I had to dress fashionably for this film?

Amanda:  I have no idea. Maybe it’s because it was the huge anticipated premiere of Sex and the City, the movie? I get it. I feel ya.

Marni:  OK, but did you notice how every woman in the lobby, and, I mean, it was just a sea of women, were all dressed to the nines?

Amanda:  Oh everyone was so stylish. They had their heels and their handbags and their hair all done

Marni:  Did you love it?

Amanda:  Well, didn’t you see me crying? My whole seat was vibrating because I was crying.

Marni:  It was a roller coaster ride. It’s like we know them. Kind of scary…

Amanda:  You know what I liked? How real it was. I hate these la-la fantasy endings. That’s not what real life is. This was real.

Marni:  Do you think it was? I think they did a good job. There’s a lot of different ways they could have gone with the film. But there were a lot of things I didn’t like. Like the whole Samantha supposedly gaining weight and it being this huge ordeal. It’s like, “Yeah, women that are 50…they gain a little weight.”

Amanda:  Well, and she hadn’t even gained weight. I agree. That was completely twisted.

Marni:  So there are some things that weren’t realistic. But yes, in the grand scheme of things…there was a lot of heartache…

Amanda:  I love heartache. The one dramatic scene, you know what I’m talking about in the city of New York. I was bawling.

Marni:  I was too. I admit it. It got me.



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Marni’s feet hurt because she was wearing high heels. She and Amanda decided to dress the part to go see Sex and the City. They weren’t the only ones: the theater was full of women dressed like the characters in the movie.

Amanda like the movie so much she cried. She says it was more realistic than other movies. Marni liked it too, except for the part where one of the characters worries about gaining weight at age 50. Of course 50-year-olds gain weight. That’s nothing to worry about.

There’s one particularly dramatic scene at the end of the movie that really got to both Amanda and Marni. What do you think happens? If you could be or marry any of the characters from Sex and the City, which one would you choose?



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it’s nice movie


10:54 PM Jul 06 2014 |


United States

l had seen it 4years ago ,really great

07:36 AM Jul 04 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

eww. if i am not wrong i saw its name years ago on internet ..i don’t wanna be one of them though i haven’t seen the movie .the movie’s title represents how much it is ridicules ..

09:03 PM Jul 03 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i can say,i see most of movies and good series from around world,this one was good:)

10:41 AM Aug 27 2013 |

1 person likes this



 I didn’t see the film, but i only knew about four beautiful and independent women.

I imagine that they discuss because they have different point of view.

If i could marry with one of film’scharacter i prefer  a intelligent and independent person.

12:54 AM May 12 2011 |



I am not able to watch this series because i am so busy to watch CSI Miami series episodes that is suggested by my friends. Now i am waiting to watch CSI Miami season 9 episode 14. But i'll definitely watch Sex and the City show again.

11:27 AM Feb 25 2011 |



i love the movie, about million women (even some men) LOVE satc!

why the most women go to watch the film in high heels, perfect styled hair, and in an amazing outfit?

 the answer is easier than all.

tthe women wants to be like the ladys in the movie.

they are for more than two hours in a dreamworld, they never wanted to leave.

it's a kind of "oh, im a new york girl.. i'm a the moment in that movie, wearing high heels… i could be a member of that life!"


i just can say that the minutes i watched it, are the nicest and most promoting minutes for me that give me the  pursuit for such a career. 


07:45 PM Jun 11 2010 |




to say the truth,it’s a wonderful movie but it has turn some marriege away and get deforce,coz it was so romantic and the hasband wants the wife to be like the lady in the movie.speaking in which,i understand and i respect other people opinion,but it’s a harmful movie in the other side.

07:17 AM May 07 2010 |




i havent seen it‏ ‏yet,hahaha

07:09 AM May 07 2010 |


Saudi Arabia

hi I want to be a friend

12:35 PM Mar 23 2010 |



I would definitely like to be Miranda.

I really admire this kind of career-girls.



12:04 PM Dec 27 2009 |



this is my first experience listning. i hope i will understand gradually

08:18 PM Oct 26 2009 |




well, i really like the four characters in sex and the city.ther have all different stylish and personality.

03:17 PM Jul 01 2008 |




wonderful!!!!It is too  easy1!!!

03:04 AM Jul 01 2008 |


ola3Super Member!


I didn't watch the show yet. Frown

02:50 AM Jul 01 2008 |




I like this film..Cool

01:53 PM Jun 30 2008 |



who can tell me it is a MOVIE or TELEPLAY??

11:54 PM Jun 29 2008 |



so interesting english you said



11:51 PM Jun 29 2008 |




02:36 PM Jun 29 2008 |



i have watched the six seasons of sex and the city. it is wonderful. it changed my idea about relationship.

06:18 AM Jun 28 2008 |

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