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Don't be scare for giving a speech.

Don't be scare for giving a speech.

Date: Jul 01 2008

Topic: Speaking

Author: chanphyu


Hello, In my daily lives I have seen people scare for speech or even in Oral Examinations. That's include me! :D . When I was young, my teacher used to encourage us not to scare in oral. Here are the tips of improving or not afraid of speaking. That most important thing is not to be afraid or scare.

1. Make sure nobody is beside you. Then, sit in front of a mirror. Record your voice with a recorder or camera or even hand phone. Read one new article that is simple. Keep practicing for about 3 or 4 days. You surely will improve your speaking. 

2. If you are not shy, read aloud in front of your family members or cousins. If you finish reading, let them give comments. Try the simple articles first.

3. The most important thing is do not read the article if the article does not consist exclamation words like Hey, Help, Cool or the sentences that someone says. So read more story books.

4. Watch the English movies without subtitles. Watch and Listen. If possible, put on a earphone so that no one can hear the sound so you can concentrate.

5. Try reading more story books and read the exclamation words. If you have free time, watch some movies. Make sure you understand the movie.

6. If you are giving a speech, you surely will be excited or anxious. Imagine that no one is near you and you are just practicing a speech. Don't care about the other people. 

7. If you are in oral test, you would have to sit face to face with teacher or some other people.  Imagine that no one is near you and read the words loud and clear and the most important thing is to read with English accent and expressively. 

 I have gone through many oral test in my childhood. Like exams. I've gone through the tips that my teacher and I score 27.5/30. That's not bad. But I still need to improve my oral. 

 And if you have any other tips or want to give me comments, i would accept it. 


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Cocos (Keeling) Islands

good,i will have a try!

01:56 AM Sep 28 2008 |

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