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Service Industry

Service Industry

Date: Sep 26 2008

Themes: Food, Work


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In countries that tip, waiters and waitresses truly do depend on the kindness of strangers. A big part of their income comes from tips.

But people in the service industry also depend on their customers to get them through the day. It’s hard to be on your feet serving people all day and if those people are mean to you, it can be horrible. But if your customers understand your job is hard, it can make it a lot easier.

Listen to Beren and Devan talk about being waitresses.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Devan:  So, Beren, we’re both in the service industry. We both wait tables for a living. Do you ever feel like customer service people don’t get the appreciation they deserve?

Beren:  Totally. I’ve also noticed that people who have never worked customer service jobs don’t tip. And they seem to underappreciate more than anybody else.

Devan:  It’s true. That’s why I think that everybody’s first job should be a customer service job so that way they understand. When I go to restaurants, I’m a lot more patient and I tip better because I know how hard it is and I know what they have to deal with and it seems like you can always tell when you wait on someone and they get real impatient with you and they leave you a really bad tip, you just know that they’ve worked in the industry before in their lives.

Beren:  Exactly, I’ve noticed too that it tends to be like, at least where I work, the older people tend to tip less than all the young people. And they also tend to be more friendly or understanding if something takes a while and you’re like, “Sorry, your plate’s going to be five minutes later,” you know? They seem to be more understanding.

Devan:  The older thing is also a bit of a generational difference, too. Like my grandma, if she tips ten percent, she thinks that’s a really good tip because, you know, when she was younger that would be considered a really great tip. So she doesn’t know. She’ll be like, “Oh, you were so nice, I’m going to leave you a big, $3 tip.”

Beren:  Yeah, I had to talk to my mom about her tipping strategy because she was definitely a 6-10%-er on really great service. Like, “Uh, mom, no. That was like $60, really, really great server. Multiple water refills without asking and she went above and beyond and she overtipped. She probably tipped like 25% but it was pretty cute because she’s never worked a service job in her life either.

Devan:  Yeah. So when I go out with my grandparents now, I always bring a little extra cash on hand so when they walk out I can slip a few more bucks on the table.

Beren:  Well, back in their day, hamburgers only cost 10 cents!

Devan:  It’s true.



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Devan and Beren agree that people who have worked in the service industry are better customers. Devan even thinks that everyone should work in the service industry at some point just so they’ll understand what it’s like.

In addition to people who have never worked in a restaurant or bar, Beren says that older people tend to tip poorly. The customs are different now. Beren had to explain to her mother that she wasn’t tipping enough for great service at a restaurant and Devan adds a little bit to the tips her grandmother leaves when they go out.

Have you ever worked in the service industry? Did you like it?



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01:07 PM Sep 26 2008 |



Agree with RIMY!~~haha

11:08 AM Sep 26 2008 |




I haven't worked customer service jobs,but ı can guess how difficult it is.I understand generetional difference.Old people tip less but they are more polite than young people.If I was rich ı would tip but now ı dont give tip.Because I can't afford it.Slipping a few more bucks in the table should be very nice thing.

10:48 AM Sep 26 2008 |




i wouldn't mind to have some extra tip in my pocket!!!

08:51 AM Sep 26 2008 |


United States

so far  , so  good

08:43 AM Sep 26 2008 |



so far ,so good!

07:04 AM Sep 26 2008 |



the record 's speech is too fast, it should be slowly better

04:31 AM Sep 26 2008 |


South Korea

thanks a lot.

03:59 AM Sep 26 2008 |




02:38 AM Sep 26 2008 |





02:28 AM Sep 26 2008 |

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