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Q&A with Hutch from the Thermals

Q&A with Hutch from the Thermals

Date: Nov 24 2008

Themes: Alternative, Interview

Grammar: Comparing Quantity


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2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

The Thermals are an American pop punk trio, and as catchy as their music is, the world portrayed in the lyrics of their last album, The Body, the Blood, the Machine, is pretty dark. Vocalist Hutch Harris sings about an America run by Christian fascists. The songs were inspired by how much power conservatives had in the country at the time.

But now that Barack Obama has been elected, does Hutch see the world differently? Just before he left for a European tour, Jason talked to him about the election and performing abroad.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jason:  So you do a lot of touring internationally, and I wonder, what’s your favorite country to play in?

Hutch:  It’s got to be Germany. Like, even before we were getting successful here and in the UK and other countries, Germany and the Netherlands jumped on it just right away…

Jason:  Have you picked up any German from your shows there?

Hutch:  I know a little bit. I know some short words…I was talking to a German band one time because most German bands that we play with are all singing in English. And of course they speak English. They grew up…I mean, their English is better than ours.

Jason:  Wow.

Hutch:  It’s more grammatically correct. They say “months” instead of “munts.” They say “second” instead of “sekind.” But anyway, I was talking a German man and he was saying that the English language, the thing is you have so many more words to choose from than in German that you can be way more expressive.

Jason:  I just wanted to ask you about how you feel about Obama’s victory and if it’s affected your world view.

Hutch:  Dude, I’m stoked. So stoked. I was scared until the last minute, really. I didn’t even have a drink. I wasn’t gonna, like, get drunk at some Obama party and then have it turned around and have McCain steal it. So yeah, it totally changes my world view. Choosing Obama wasn’t choosing the lesser of two evils. We also dodged a bullet with those other two.


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Hutch says that Germany and the Netherlands were some of the first places where the Thermals got popular. He knows a little German, but most of the German bands the Thermals play with know a lot of English. Hutch says their pronunciation of English is often better than Americans’!

On election night, Hutch was so nervous that he didn’t celebrate until Obama had won for sure. He feels more positive about the country now because a leader was elected who he actually likes, not just one he tolerates. He also thinks if McCain and Palin had won, it would not have been so good. So one can imagine the songs on Now We Can See, the Thermals’ new album that comes out on April 7, will probably be a little less gloomy!

Visit the Thermals’ website and click here to see their European tour dates and more from Hutch!

Do bands in your country sing in English? What nationality do you think has the best English pronunciation? Tell us how you feel about Obama’s victory.



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great… seems like i’m only one here that’s been listening to them recently so… yeah.

Anyone seen “Chuck”?

10:57 PM Nov 30 2013 |



Someday, I too will speak just like them.

08:09 AM Feb 06 2011 |




good…, i just here

12:51 AM May 15 2010 |




Talking to tennis ,when I jumped on it  , i used to  slang it  as hard to learn ,i couldn't even pick up anything from it, at the last minute i wanna quit ,i met a coach with more patient  to help me out.To learn Playing Tennis will not like dodging a bullet now. i could  even play it with my friends as singles ,and full of stoked screaming voice .

07:43 PM Mar 13 2010 |




english is hard for me…because I'm stupid.Cry

02:16 PM Dec 20 2009 |

Mubashar Iqbal


i m use internet in university where the teachers and lab manager not allow the use of speaker so i am not listen these lecture and dialog.

08:59 AM Aug 11 2009 |




What do you want to ask? Would you please to reply by clciking on the reply button on the name of some one who you want to reply. I hope this expalanation is clear enough.

03:35 PM Apr 17 2009 |



hello.i need some help!!!!!!!!!!!!someone has replyed me but i can't find it.

01:46 PM Apr 17 2009 |



 what are you doingCool

01:25 PM Apr 17 2009 |

Big World

Big World



01:06 AM Nov 30 2008 |




off course

nobody would like wars & financial crisis!!

we are family from one world!!

01:24 PM Nov 28 2008 |




The record is awful. Its quality is awful. and it's a great pity.

07:41 AM Nov 27 2008 |




Do you think English less easier than Portuguese Sergio? In my country there are some bands sing in English, they like singing in English for going International the band named Ten to Five and this band also recording a video clip in Japanese and they shooting in Japan.

10:27 AM Nov 25 2008 |



So funny,so cute.

09:51 AM Nov 25 2008 |



Few local bands sing in English, but in some pub where foreigners usually gather some bands from Phillipine sing in English. They're very nice. I like Country music, not into hard rock. It's too noisy.

I feel excited about Obama's victory, you know, as a black people, appears not-main stream, but also worry about the current financial crisis and economic recession. Obama advocates weak US dollar that would impose hard condition on Chinese economy. But he is good at not supporting Iraq war. Anyway, Let's wait and see what would happen after he vowed in in January

01:06 AM Nov 25 2008 |




I'm stoked that's Obama  had been won US election.

07:52 PM Nov 24 2008 |




bands sing in english blah blah, blah….........  I am out of here.

04:21 PM Nov 24 2008 |




Today the better English spoken is American English even full of slangs,I think,is more popular in the world; The British English is more formal…

01:10 PM Nov 24 2008 |




Like the friend Sergio said,there are many bands that sing in english and Sepultura is great!...I particularly like some bands who sing in english and others sing in portuguese…I add another band that sang in english,Viper! very good band in the 90's…

01:05 PM Nov 24 2008 |




There are a lot of brazilian bands that sings in english! the most popular is Sepultura! it's very famous around the world!

The majority of singers here think it's easier to sing in english than portuguese!

12:32 PM Nov 24 2008 |

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