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High School Sweethearts

High School Sweethearts

Date: Dec 19 2008

Themes: Romance, School

Grammar: Third Conditional


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

The first time we fall in love can feel the most powerful, because it’s such a new, intense experience. But the puppy love that we feel when we’re very young often doesn’t last. Some people marry the person they fall in love with as teenagers. Most high school sweethearts eventually grow apart, move away from each other, or find that their love can’t last in the real, adult world. Listen to Marni tell Amanda about what happened with her high school sweetheart.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Marni:  Did you have a high school sweetheart?

Amanda:  I did. Don’t we all?

Marni:  Well, yeah, but I made the mistake of marrying my high school sweetheart.

Amanda:  You’re one of those?

Marni:  I’m one of those.

Amanda:  You’re that girl?

Marni:  Totally. What a cliche, huh? Yeah, we went to prom. We had dated on and off. And then finally my senior year of high school we were totally together, and we ended up getting married…And then it didn’t work out.

Amanda:  So in hindsight, looking back, would you chalk it up to just puppy love, and not being the real, genuine deal?

Marni:  No, I think it was. We just had problems that, you know…When you’re in love and you’re in high school, they’re really charming. And when you get older…Not so adorable anymore. So…we stay in touch. We’re friendly now.

Amanda:  That’s good. Do you think that you guys would’ve maybe stuck together, had you not married so early? You know, grown together…

Marni:  Maybe.

Amanda:  Yeah…I still think it’s very touching that you married your high school sweetheart. I thought that only happened in movies.

Marni:  No, it happens in real life. And so does divorce.


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Many people have high school sweethearts, but few marry them. Marni married hers, but unfortunately, her marriage didn’t work out and she and her husband got a divorce.

Amanda asks Marni if she thinks her marriage ended because the puppy love she and her husband felt in high school was not genuine or strong enough to last. Marni feels that their love was the real deal, but their relationship had some problems that became more challenging as they got older and their lives became more complicated. Even though the marriage didn’t work out, Marni and her husband don’t have any bad feelings toward each other. They continue to stay in touch.

Did you have a high school sweetheart? Is it wise to marry your first love? Can puppy love be true love?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i think falling in love is just the first one and the last one,we shouldnt count it   the first love,the second love  thats seems stupid due to is not a love this is s.th else that we call it love but its not true.maybe in some cases some people fall in love again but they just pretend it to ignore some of their special feelings.

i hope for every one to find their real sweetheart  and be succesful

09:54 AM Aug 24 2014 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

my first love , my hero ,,, until the ends of the world

08:23 AM Aug 24 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

some times your first love can  be your true love but it doesn’t happen alot…

09:13 AM Aug 20 2014 |




honestly,i did not have a high school sweetheat.my homework was so heavy when i was in high school.so there was no time for to fall in love with a girl.

10:11 PM May 20 2012 |




well,i cant relate,infact i have never been happy with my highschool days,specially talking about sweathearts ?? duh ?? not at all

Tongue out

02:15 PM Apr 19 2012 |

hend queen

hend queen


I have recently separated from Sweetheart and I feel bored and sad a lot and I think the boys liars and traitors, but everything is cute and it is strange

09:59 PM Jan 08 2012 |



I do not have a high school sweetheart. It will have to depends whether both party are getting ready to get marry and it doesn't matter this will be your first love or your third girlfriends/ boyfriends..Marriage means you would like to stay with another party the whole life with respecting each other, responsible with each other, being tolerate with each other,  take care or each other and of course they have to do maintenance. If one of the party being infidelity, then the marriage would not last long and it will end up being divorce. Puppy love can be true love if they really like each other and stuck together until they graduate at university until they start working in the real society.. whatever happened they will stand by at each other's side, i believe this is so called true love.

10:35 AM Sep 14 2010 |


Hong Kong

sweetheart, where are you i cannot find you, hey can you hear me????? 

10:15 PM Jul 10 2010 |




I've got 3 high school sweethearts, and untill now I didn't find the right wife to get married with her ,  I don't think that it's wise to marry the first love, because in high shool one is too young, too young to take the right decision, that's why; people regret when they get older for having married with their high school sweetheart!!!! (in most cases of course)!!

09:41 PM Dec 29 2009 |




i didnt, i had something like platonic love lol so its was good and bad, but i believe everything in life is experience isnt it? we learn with our own mistakes and sucess, to each their own. but i do think exist the true love, and its unique, like a famous poet saying `love is eternal, if it didnt last it wasnt love` 

09:53 PM Jul 24 2009 |

anahita mass

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

haha ….i had never high school sweetheart ….................

01:25 PM Jan 11 2009 |



i think what marni has gone through is so true. When we are young we tend to be charm ,try so hard to please our partner and unable to forsee how challenging life will be turn out . They bare no responsibility and kind of like live the moment. i think High school sweethearts should be a lesson for the next real genuine deal.=D and not be taken seriously. Theres a long road ahead

12:34 AM Dec 25 2008 |



i have no sweetheart..but the lasson is great…

01:20 PM Dec 23 2008 |




ı had never have high scholl sweethearts, ı m not upset because of this. puppl love is dissapointment ewery time.

12:11 PM Dec 23 2008 |




my high school sweetheart was younger than me, uuuhhhh… i thought he is elder than me cuz he has big and tall body, he he
but he was very romantic, he always sent me some poem, etc to make me feel like flying in the sky..ha ha

06:52 AM Dec 23 2008 |




when you are falling in love, it is temporary magnetize,your love likes earthquake. and then it is gone, when it is gone you have to make a decision, you have to work out, you have to accepted all of his or her, including his or her shortcoming, his or her family and relative and so or, and you try to stike togehter with his or hers all the time and try not to grow apart and move away from each other, bacause this is what love is

03:59 PM Dec 22 2008 |




I got only one such love in high scholl and I that's why I have problems with relationships. I think everyone should have puppy love because it helps in future seeking of real love…

12:30 PM Dec 22 2008 |




best  wishes to  you!

i  am  in  xi'an.

04:39 AM Dec 22 2008 |

Amido Hernan Rios


I think what Love in the young persons is very difficult for keeping it. Young persons need more experience and maturity.

11:52 PM Dec 21 2008 |





06:25 PM Dec 21 2008 |

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