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Bachelor Parties

Bachelor Parties

Date: Jan 09 2009

Themes: Friend

Grammar: Comparatives and Superlatives


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

When two people marry, they celebrate their love and commitment to each other. But before the wedding, it’s common for the groom-to-be to have a big, wild party with his buddies.

The tradition of the bachelor party began over 2,000 years ago in ancient Greece, where soldiers had special meals with their friends on the night before they got married. These days, bachelor parties often involve getting wasted, going to strip clubs, and doing all the other crazy things that are supposed to stop after marriage. Listen to Marni and Jason discuss their feelings about bachelor parties.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Marni:  I was out at the bar on Saturday night, and my absolute worst nightmare, a parade of completely wasted bachelors…

Jason:  Oh, wow.

Marni:  ...at a bachelor party. Ugh, so annoying.

Jason:  I love running into bachelorette parties. They always ask me to do funny things, like they ask for one of my chest hairs for their scavenger hunt, and things like that.

Marni:  I’ve never seen a bachelor party on a scavenger hunt. They’re just all about…

Jason:  I think they’re hunting something else.

Marni:  Yeah, exactly. It’s all about the strip clubs, and getting away from the ball and chain, and your big last night of freedom. God, it’s just so cliche.

Jason:  But it’s a rite of passage, right? Your buddies have to see you off, or whatever.

Marni:  Oh, yeah. I guess it’s a right of passage, if you’re just totally in denial that you’re committing to someone, and you feel like you have the right to have this last debaucherous evening.

Jason:  Yeah, I wonder how often the debaucherous evenings go completely overboard, you know?

Marni:  I’ve heard far too many stories of marriages canceled…

Jason:  Woah!

Marni:  But anyhow, I just think that bachelor parties…They’re just ridiculous.


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Marni’s Saturday night was ruined by a bunch of super-drunk guys having a bachelor party. Jason says he likes bachelorette parties because the women always involve him in fun games. But bachelor parties are less innocent. Usually, the guys at a bachelor party just want to get drunk and try to pick up women.

Jason thinks bachelor parties are OK, because they celebrate an important event in a man’s life. But Marni has heard about a lot of bachelor parties going overboard. If the groom-to-be acts too crazy or betrays his future wife, it can ruin the wedding or even end the relationship.

In your country, what do people do the night before their wedding? Do you think it’s a good idea to have one last, crazy party before getting married?



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i argee with Kyle A.

If the groom enjoys the strippers then he shouldn't be getting married. haha

03:03 AM Jan 10 2009 |



it should be five stars but i press the wrong button!

02:05 AM Jan 10 2009 |


Saudi Arabia

never happen in my country

01:31 AM Jan 10 2009 |


United States

new thing, in model life , we also have different life and rest place. Due to different time and differenct people , there are more things happen. someone think is not good but other dont think so . everyone have his own life and favor .

01:26 AM Jan 10 2009 |




in turkey there is henna night (=kına gecesi)....

only ladies of bride's and groom's side come together in bride's house before wedding…..

bride sits on the armchair centre in sitting room….

she wear a turkısh traditional dress…

bride's handful are apply henna…..

ladies sing  turkısh folk songs by turnıng around bride…

then in some region after henna night ,bride goes to groom's home by mountıng a horse or phateon for wedding…..

three applies falled from sky..one to bride,one the groom,one to us…;)

and happy ending…;)

so i love henna night…...;)

05:48 PM Jan 09 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

so silly good,we don’t have it
:’( it just shows how loyal is the husband ..:((((((( bad

05:05 PM Jan 09 2009 |




It's popular in my country, but only if you have friends. Friends are that people who make party. If you want go overboard, than please… it depends on people.

03:54 PM Jan 09 2009 |




Not everybody likes party.

03:49 PM Jan 09 2009 |



depends on our ceremony culchter thats it

02:13 PM Jan 09 2009 |


South Korea


02:11 PM Jan 09 2009 |



Hahahahaha – It seems its the same in many different countriesLaughing

01:46 PM Jan 09 2009 |




i agree with Jason on how much fun these parties are! i like it too!! I've already taken part at these parties, the fiance always get so drunk. It happens so many funny things!!Sealed

01:27 PM Jan 09 2009 |



I have never being to a bachelor parties. but I am sure that i will not do that something will heart the one i love.


12:17 PM Jan 09 2009 |




That's your day, you should have some fun, but not too much fun- don't sleep with other girl Innocentplease, don't do that….

11:48 AM Jan 09 2009 |



I don't like the bachelor parties. I've got married. But I hate they always drunk in the wedding, especially my husband. Because many things need him to do. If he drunk there're many empty and full or half-full beer or wine bottles to bring back and paying to the resturant, things like those. We have many things to bring back like our big pictures which we used to hang on the wall, ect.. If he drunk even can't walk like a normal man how can I, the bride, to deal with so many things. And I'm so strong to bring back so many things. What's worse. It was raining that day when it was worse. A taxi didn't wan't to take a drunk man. How could I do? All need my parents to do them?

And for the bachelor parties I hate them. Because why a man who will get married need to see a putting off woman? Why we'll get married with such men? I don't understand. A man wants to get married with a woman. Because he loves her. He shouldn't be sad for will not seeing any other beautiful girls. If it's like this he doesn't love her girl friend at all. And she shouldn't marry him.

09:43 AM Jan 09 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

Well in my country'Yemen', be4 three days or so of getting married, the bride do Hinnah on her both hands and feets, and she have a party with her female family members, when they dress her green cloths or whatever the traditions in the country is, with the good smells of the Bkhoor. It's really fun and more desint than crazy parties =).

08:56 AM Jan 09 2009 |





08:05 AM Jan 09 2009 |




Guys at bachelor parties hit on women.

It's so inconceivable. Women should not be there…

because there is very risk….

07:57 AM Jan 09 2009 |



Russian Federation

I think it not so important,  groom's behaviour in

the bachelor party. Becouse it's only one maybe crazy Laughing

evening, but then long family happiness and family life

06:58 AM Jan 09 2009 |




? Embarassed

04:35 AM Jan 09 2009 |

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