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Date: Jan 07 2009

Themes: Alternative, Romance

Grammar: Definite & Indefinite Articles


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

There’s something romantic about vampires. Maybe it’s that they have to keep a deep, dark secret. Or since they live forever, maybe it’s their old-world quality that makes them attractive. And drinking someone’s blood is strangely sexual.

Or, maybe it’s just that vampires tend to be played by really good-looking actors. Remember Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in Interview with the Vampire? How about Kiefer Sutherland from the The Lost Boys?

Now you can add to that list Robert Pattinson, who stars in the new and extremely popular vampire romance Twilight. Listen to Marni tell Devan how the romance got her to the theater, but she’d had enough by the time she left.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Marni:  I broke down yesterday, actually, I was totally excited to go see Twilight.

Devan:  You saw it?

Marni:  I wanted to know what all the hype was about. OK, I did not read the books, but I have to admit I went because I totally think that kid, that guy’s cute. Hot vampire? I was in.

Devan:  And was it amazing? Epic?

Marni:  No, sadly. In some respects. In some respects, not so good. Like there were just so many scenes of them looking at each other, you know, longingly, and it was like, “Just kiss already!”

Devan:  Was it scary at all?

Marni:  It was not scary. But there’s the whole genre of…

Devan:  ...the undead.

Marni:  And they go into a little bit of that, the whole theory of being immortal and whatnot, but not really. I mean, it’s more about just them being hot for each other.

Devan:  Did they have cool costumes and cool fangs at least?

Marni:  No, they didn’t even have fangs.

Devan:  They didn’t have fangs.

Marni:  No.

Devan:  Well that sounds like a bummer. I kind of want to see that other vampire movie that came out at the same time. Do you know what I’m talking about? The Swedish one?

Marni:  Oh, Let the Right One In? Is that the one?

Devan:  Yeah.

Marni:  Yeah, I’ve heard about that. I’ve heard that’s great.

Devan:  Maybe that’s the one to see.

Marni:  Yeah. Well, I actually spoke to some kids who are really into the whole Twilight series and I think it’s great that kids are reading, so that’s a huge plus, but they said the movie doesn’t do the books justice. Which is generally the case.


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Marni admits that she went to Twlight because she thinks the star is hot. The movie is really popular, so Devan expects her to say that it was great. But Marni didn’t really like it.

For a vampire movie, there wasn’t much about vampires in it, and Marni thought the romance was really drawn out. Devan says maybe she’ll go see Let the Right One In a Swedish vampire movie that gets great reviews. It’s vampire romance too, only it stars 12-year-olds.

Do you think vampires are sexy? If you fell in love with a vampire, would you let him or her turn you into one?



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yesterday evening ı watched that movie that was absulatly garbage.

05:20 AM Jan 12 2010 |




I don't like Twilight at all! Actually I totally agree with the dialog… The movie is just about guys being hot to each other. It's silly.

12:36 PM Jan 07 2010 |




I also love Twilight and New moon,... the movie is fabulous!! I also read the books, and the I think the books are better than the movie because in the book everything is described so exactly you can real feel the emotions and all that x)... 


07:04 PM Jan 06 2010 |

Anechka Lanskaya

Russian Federation

This is THE BEST MOVIE ! Smile

It's so exciting! So  romantic and fascinating! And all books are fantastic!

I LOVE IT at all!Kiss

01:01 PM Jan 06 2010 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i lov this movei

i watch 5 time

07:13 AM Jan 05 2010 |




I love Twilight and of course New Moon :)

The movie and books are really great.


06:18 PM Jan 04 2010 |



Russian Federation

i think that New moon is more interesting than Twilight)))

11:42 AM Jan 04 2010 |

janaina belluca


i also love the jacob!Kiss

03:24 PM Dec 19 2009 |



Russian Federation

I like Twilight so much!!! <3

06:35 AM Dec 09 2009 |




cool nice

02:55 PM Dec 06 2009 |


United Arab Emirates

TWILIGHT !! the BEST movie EVER . ! i really luv this movie . . maybe B'cuz of the actors xD .  ! hehe . . but the story is FREAKEN AWESOME !

Damn it ..


Vampires are hot ! * wanna be one of them * eeh x) Lol . . ,

01:37 PM Dec 06 2009 |


South Korea

this movie was kill! totally. i really love this one. the first reason why i like this movie so much is the actor of this movie the Robert Pettinson is totally hot! and second reason is, i think this story was kinda interesting for me to watch. i mean vampire is in love with a normal girl? that's cool,right? the last reason is..the whole charaters and the actors/actress were perfect match. and they were really great at acting too. so yeah.

i'm really dying to see "New Moon" second series of Twilight.

01:16 PM Dec 01 2009 |




Hi July, that sounds me") hehe. Well yeah, I love the twilight whole series, I read all the books 3 times each. The movie was great, but it's not as great as the books, the books were too thick and so all the scene can't cover in the movie. I still loved it though, Kristen Stewart is so pretty and so perfect for Bella and so is Robert Pattinson, he's gorgeous. I had watched the second series already, the twilight saga new moon and it's great, it's way better than twilight") the wolves are awesome!

01:43 PM Nov 23 2009 |



One of my dearest friend from English baby is crazy about Twilight Saga, I really keen on collecting all the books.

04:32 AM Nov 23 2009 |



Twilight is totally off the hook… 

I love KristenStewart Kiss

05:47 PM Nov 18 2009 |




I like it very much. the vampiers are always sexy XD

12:38 PM Nov 16 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

Do you think vampires are sexy?

;) What if the one who plays the role of a vampire was ugly!!!

If you fell in love with a vampire, would you let him or her turn you into one?

I don't wish to meet one.


02:05 PM Sep 25 2009 |

Goshaa =*

Goshaa =*


i read all books in this series. they r the best.!

i cant wait to see rest films ; )* 

07:37 AM Sep 12 2009 |



I am now reading the second book and its kindda interesting, I just bought the other 2 books.. This is like a teenage vampire love tweetums story.. so I think a lot of fangs is not necessary….

06:05 AM Sep 01 2009 |



I am now reading the second book and its kindda interesting, I just bought the other 2 books.. This is like a teenage vampire love tweetums story.. so I think a lot of fangs is not necessary….

06:05 AM Sep 01 2009 |

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