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back in the day

back in the day

Date: Apr 23 2009


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

“I tried steroids. Me and my buddies tried it back in the day. We didn’t know what we were doing.”

-Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, on using steroids to get bigger muscles. (BET)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

some time ago; a while back

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson looks like the kind of guy who was just born with arms the size of car tires. But of course, like anyone else, he had to work out hard to make his muscles as big as they are. Now it turns out that he had a little help…from steroids.

It’s pretty surprising to hear The Rock admit that he used steroids in the past. A lot of athletes have been getting in trouble recently for taking these drugs to help them build bigger muscles. But The Rock says he tried steroids back in the day. We use this expression to talk about a period in our lives that ended a long time ago. Usually, it’s a time we look back on fondly, like childhood. So by saying he tried steroids back in the day, The Rock is suggesting that he did it many years ago, when he was just a foolish young kid.

Remember, back in the day is a non-specific time. We wouldn’t say, “Back in the day last month I went to a really fun party,” because that refers to a specific event that happened pretty recently. But we can say, “Back in the day, I used to party all the time, but now I prefer to stay home and go to bed early.”

But if you do say that, your friends might wish they had known you back in the day, because you’re so boring now.


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

Back in the day, I used to ski 3 or 4 times a week. Now I’m lucky if I go that many times a year.”

“Jessica was mean to me back in the day but now we’re friends.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

sofree It means "in the past", "back in the good old days" often means young or good time.
by sofree
ssabi in the past
by ssabi
lalobrown some time before the present. May refer to years, decades, generations,
by lalobrown
Tusik that time, then in the past
by Tusik
tanya_ua some time ago
by tanya_ua
Tarfah earlier or long ago ;)
by Tarfah
_Sasha_ in the past
by _Sasha_
shv_2005 back in the day .some time before
by shv_2005
Karenzzita in the past
by Karenzzita
blake84 the past day
by blake84
ciberd7 in the past
by ciberd7
cowboy53 in the past time
by cowboy53
mish@ at some time before the present
by mish@
Gellerke in the past
by Gellerke
emosch remember the old days XS
by emosch
Liaa in the past
by Liaa

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Back in the day, I used to coffee but now I prefer to stay home, or going in trip.

02:03 PM Apr 24 2009 |




Back in the day means "PAST"

like "long time ago" something…Innocent

05:43 AM Apr 24 2009 |





hehe !!Embarassed

05:11 AM Apr 24 2009 |

Boom Boom

Boom Boom


back in the day " I use to forget something but now i strated remember it again…

04:36 AM Apr 24 2009 |




thx for slang!!!!1Laughing

04:28 AM Apr 24 2009 |

anna zhanghp


back in the day  i dreamed private  car and  house. but now i prefer learning and knowing  the culture all over the world


02:45 AM Apr 24 2009 |



I used to kick people out of my way but now i am welcoming every body.

11:16 PM Apr 23 2009 |



Syrian Arab Republic

back in the day,i used to see life in differnt eyes than the recent days(simple ,colorful & innocent)

but now ,,,,,,,,,,things have changed,,,,,,,,,,,

08:54 PM Apr 23 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

back in the Day mistakes weren't countable =)

08:04 PM Apr 23 2009 |




Back in the day I used to see the world with different eyes, everything was so good and colorful, now things have changed.

07:24 PM Apr 23 2009 |




"Back in the day,I used to play football 2 times a week.Now I am lucky if I play that many times a year

03:34 PM Apr 23 2009 |




Back in the day means something that happend in an uncertain point of time in tha past!!

Back in the day,I used to play football very much, but now the scope of my time does not allow me to do such.

01:49 PM Apr 23 2009 |



Back in the day, I used to guzzle a liter or more of Coke in a day until I realized what I'm doing to my body. I was told soaking a nail (the kind used in building houses…just avoiding ambiguity hehe) in Coke overnight will rust the nail! scary!

01:19 PM Apr 23 2009 |




Back in the day,I use to drink so much but now I take care my health and pay attention to learn english

12:44 PM Apr 23 2009 |




Back in the day = past. 

Ex: Yesterday I won one shirt in my college! very Rock!!!!!

12:38 PM Apr 23 2009 |




back in the day i liked my school very much but now i just want to finish it .

12:11 PM Apr 23 2009 |


Russian Federation

previous time

11:11 AM Apr 23 2009 |



Back in the day, I was so eager to work and I thought  i could done something!

10:24 AM Apr 23 2009 |

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