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What Would You Do with a Million Dollars?

What Would You Do with a Million Dollars?

Date: Apr 17 2009

Themes: Friend

Grammar: Second Conditional


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In case you haven’t heard already, English, baby! now has a million members. That’s pretty cool. You know what else would be cool? Winning a million dollars.

Have you ever thought about what you’d do if you won that much money? It’s fun to think about all the things you’d be able to buy with a million bucks, like an expensive car, a new house, or fancy new clothes and shoes. But is a million dollars really enough money to make a person rich these days? In the U.S., a million dollars would definitely make you extremely well-off. But it’s probably not enough money to allow you to quit your job and never work again.

Listen to Jason and Beren talk about what they’d do with a million dollars.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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Jason:  I just entered this contest where I could win a million dollars.

Beren:  Uh-huh.

Jason:  And it got me thinking, like, what would I do if I won a million dollars?

Beren:  I know what I would do if I won a million dollars. I think first I’d buy a helicopter.

Jason:  Nice!

Beren:  And then I’d get an above-ground swimming pool.

Jason:  OK. At the house you’re at right now?

Beren:  Uh-huh, at the house I’m at right now.

Jason:  OK.

Beren:  Then, I really really want one of those Aston Martin James Bond cars, so I’d get a couple of those. And then I would probably buy a house, or buy the house that I live at at now.

Jason:  OK, that would probably take up all million dollars right there.

Beren:  Do you think? Really?

Jason:  Yeah. I mean, a million isn’t that much when you think about it, ‘cause after taxes it’s only like 60 grand, and then you’re gonna want to pay off all your debts, and lend a bunch of people money, and donate some money to your favorite charity, and like, you know, give your parents a gift or whatever. And the next thing you know, you’re down to twenty bucks!

Beren:  Woah, that’s true. A million dollars, though, it sounds like so much money.

Jason:  I feel like once you got there you’d be like, now I need a hundred million dollars.

Beren:  That’s true. That’s true. I do need a hundred million dollars.


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Jason recently entered a contest with a prize of one million dollars. He’s been thinking about how he would spend that money if he won. If Beren had a million dollars, there are a lot of things she’d want to buy. But Jason doesn’t think she’d be able to afford everything she wants.

A million dollars can disappear pretty quickly. When you win some money, you have to pay taxes on it to the government. You might also want to use some of it to pay off debt. And if you don’t share some with your friends and family, or give some of it away to charity, you might feel guilty. Once you had a million dollars, you might still feel unsatisfied and wish you had more money.

What would you buy if you won a million dollars? Would you give any of it away?



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With million $ I’ll have all my time to myself that let me do what I like! And I like to create. I don’t like expensive cars, i don’t like expensive clothes or expensive houses and 1 million is not that big money but it gives you some freedom and that what I like about it.

07:47 PM Mar 29 2014 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I would buy a smart car for my self and buy a villa in the north.give mone for settling an institute for street children and providing for them somewhere to stay,study and be happy.

02:15 PM Jan 16 2014 |

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Try to make it double and more

04:01 PM Jan 06 2014 |

1 person likes this



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

first of all i’ll buy my favorit car and then maybe travelling abroad and of cours dresses ,shoes and thing like this!

maybe a big house in the north of Iran and i don’t know about after that!

12:28 PM Jan 06 2014 |

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I would travel around the world with that special person. I would buy him a plane or whatever he wants and I could buy a luxurious car for myself, a house for my future life, a lot of clothes and shoes and I would save a part to start an investment in the stock exchange or something to make that money grow. 

04:12 PM Apr 13 2013 |

1 person likes this

noo smile

noo smile


 will start a new business with hafe million and will give a scond hafe to 57357 hospital 

04:11 PM Jun 15 2012 |

1 person likes this




I will give 1 million dollars to the first person who smiling at me on the road. ^^

12:39 AM Feb 08 2012 |



I just want to know how can I earn a million dollars.

05:03 AM Aug 11 2011 |

1 person likes this



Viet Nam

well if I have 1 milion dollars, I ‘ll share 1/5 with the disabled and orphanage because someone said that the money you have without working would disappear quickly. So, you better share it with orther people. Then, I’ll spend 1/10 on gifts for my family, my friend…and buy something I want before ^^! Next, I ‘ll spend 1/5 ( or more cauz I don’t how much is enough) travelling around the world. At last, I ‘ll deposit the remain of 1 millione dollars . This sum ‘ll increase ( Haha, I hope so). And If I have 1 million dollars when I still young, I ‘ll spend 1/5 or 1/4 on studying. It’ll help my safary increase :))

You know, In my country, 1 Million dollars is big amount of money. You can buy 10 houses. It’s really a big dream. But, in my opinion, I don’t hope to have it. Because it may bring you many bad things. like being thieved, threatened or enticed. You must be insightful!!!!

If it’s possible, I just need 5000$. It’s enough for me to travel somewhere, study and buy something I love. Or not, I’m happy with my life and I’ll try my best to better it :D

04:26 AM Aug 11 2011 |

london girl

Saudi Arabia

i would travel around the world

06:41 AM May 19 2011 |



Serbia and Montenegro

I have no idea what I would do with a million dollars…. I suppose I'm the only one saying that…. :))))

02:40 PM Apr 22 2011 |

nelly castillo


i would pay off all my debts. and also open a big restaurant

04:33 PM Feb 22 2011 |

nelly castillo


I would pay off all my debts


05:10 AM Feb 22 2011 |




Minor part of that obviously would spend for pleasure other part I would invest:)

09:02 AM Oct 23 2010 |



United Arab Emirates

i will pay all this money to poor people .. i dont want this money

03:43 AM Jul 24 2010 |



 I would pay off my all debts and buy ha beautiful house and enjoy every thing.

08:53 AM May 09 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

Actualy, isn't enough to do my dream. if i have this money i would do the following things:

i would buy a new car (150)

i would buy a block (area) to build the house (400)

i would marry (300)

i would travel to acceptable countries based on the amount that i got(100)

still there is (50)

this it'll for poor people. you know no need to be selfesh man

one million can acheive the begining of my dream

10:43 AM Apr 25 2010 |




If i had a million dollar,I would buy many things that i want and travell all around the world.

09:38 AM Apr 25 2010 |




I wanna buy a house and lot, help and give money to the poor or give to those who are in need of help esp to my relatives. And of course, I want to travel around the world. I'd love to travel actually.

07:44 AM Feb 21 2010 |




first of all i would buy many things what i need to live,also help poor people, I want very much to built church. travalling over the world that is my dream 

07:04 PM Dec 25 2009 |

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